Blake Boston with Annoying Facebook Girl

This is really, truly, actually Blake Boston, the guy from Scumbag Steve. After many emails, I met him in person at a Slacktory-sponsored Halloween party this year. I asked him to write a letter of advice to Jess, the girl who may have just discovered she’s Annoying Facebook Girl. I lightly edited it for grammar at his request.

Blake is wonderfully introspective about the emotions of this specifically modern situation. He’s… he’s an actual advice meme.

Dear Annoying Facebook Girl, it’s me Blake. You may know me as Scumbag Steve. Or not, if you’re not on the internet much.

I heard you just found out that your pics been all over the internet. Shocking huh? Google yourself, but have a friend with you for support.

Feeling violated? Don’t. You see, like me, your picture was used as a meme. What the fuck, you may ask, is a meme? Well basically it’s you and others in image macro form, that represent a thought, behavior, style or idea that spreads from person to person within a culture.

Waaah? Let me say it again. It’s one random picture, with various sayings on it, that tells a whole story, in really short form, for the world to see, it gets put on the internet and it spreads. Goes viral, like the worst case of herpes known to man. But before you feel like you’re going to jump, you need to know that it’s going to be OK.

Now don’t have your folks look for a meme support group for you, cuz there isn’t one. We’re out here by ourselves. You may feel hurt and embarrassed that somehow one of your friends or foes took that godawful picture of you (we know you really don’t look like that all the time, right?) and put it where the internet meme makers dwell. 4chan. Don’t go there, especially if your parents are looking.

You see, that pic resonated with people. It spoke of a crazy excited girl telling Facebook friends inane shit. It could have been any girl, there’s a million pics just like yours on Facebook. But it happened to be yours.

Now, if you do see a pic of me, try not to go all wifey on me but (scumbag joke, these memes can get inside your head) that too was a pic of me a little younger, looking like a scumbag. Let’s face it. The pics look pretty true to form.

But here’s what I need you to know. When you go off to college, and you’re walking down the hall and a group of kids see you and scream, “Oh my god it’s Annoying Facebook Girl,” don’t cry. You see. Some people can’t distinguish the internet from real life. There are people who refuse to believe my name isn’t Steve and that I am not really the scumbag (well not all the time, that is). Just remember who you are. And that you know you’re a decent kid.

You’re going to be in shock for a while, when you see what people have written. But the most important and self-preserving thing you can do is know that it’s not you. You can’t take this personally. I’ll say that again, you can’t take this personally. Hell if I did… well let’s not go there.

The part that will suck though is that there will always be those people that somehow think YOU did this, that you made the meme, and that you could stop it if you wanted to. That you have some control over it. You don’t. The internet birthed you and they’ll decide when you (the meme) will die.

There will also be those people who assuage their guilt by telling you how great it is, how lucky you are to be a meme. Just smile. What they are really saying is, thank god it wasn’t me.

So search Annoying Facebook Girl on Google images, pull up a chair with a group of your friends and laugh your fucking ass off. Cuz you know who you are and how strong you are and that, that picture has nothing to do with what makes you, you… Hopefully you’ll get to where I am, feeling like some memes are hysterical. But that takes time. I’m here if you need me. I’m sorry you’re hurting,

— Blake, a.k.a. Scumbag Steve

PS: A dude on reddit said this about my meme; I think he got it right: “It has as much to do with Boston Blake as a person as the Yao Ming and NPH rage faces have to do with Yao Ming and NPH.”

Update: Reddit is unsure whether Annoying Facebook Girl has really been found. A possibly fake AMA appeared on Reddit this morning, but due to lack of confirmation, it was shut down.

Followup, May 2012: See Blake’s new Scumbag Steve music video.

Photo edited from BuzzFeed

  • jackson

    Scumbag Steve is actually Good Guy Greg.

  • Apple

    Wow, I actually read the whole thing and didn’t TL;DR.
    This guy is such a great person !

  • Mark McMillan

    Scumbag Steve…. Ruins Meme by being Good guy greg

  • MemesInYourFace

    Blake Boston 4 Life

  • Anonymous

    That can’t be the real Blake. I’ve read his blog and I highly doubt from that example that he could turn around and write something so eloquent. Fake.

    • Slimrockas

      youre really that stupid? “I lightly edited it for grammar at his request.”

      • Socks


        • David Patrick


        • Ahnan


          • TARbot


          • Tripsix

             … a wizard harry!

          • WVKY


          • Cock

             YOU’RE ALL QUEERS

        • Bobsegget


  • Anonymous

  • Dub

    Annoying facebook girl has no bewbies and has manly hands?

  • Anonymous

  • Anonymous

    Scumbag Steve!!

    • Anonymous

      Good job! Now point at the moo-moo cows! Gooood job! Now the woof-woof dog! You’re learning so fast!

      • Kaz

        He’ll be a world famous poet by next year

  • Anonymous

  • Brian P

    She’s wearing an All City shirt.  They make nice bike parts; I have their track cranks.  Herp

  • Kaz

    It must be an interesting feeling. Say if you become a meme like Scumbag Steve and if you are aware of it. It makes you super self-conscious about your behaviour to not to be a scumbag.
    Not to say that you are a scumbag before becoming the meme, but I’d imagine it’d be hard to be a scumbag after.
    Either way Scumbag Stave –> Benevolent Blake in real life.
    Good job.

    • Crom

      Benevolent Blake needs to become a MEME.

  • fat cookie

    How to annoy fags on reddit:

  • Viral Videos

    cool story

  • george

    Truly a good guy to take his time to write to her.  The anonymous,  mob mentality on reddit and other sites is too much sometimes.

  • guest1

    what a scumbag letter

  • Megasean333

    Holy mother of god. This guy is truly brilliant. I always kinda figured that this is what happened to memesters, but wasn’t sure. I’m glad to have read this, it really shines some light on a lot of ideas I’ve had. I know that the people involved didn’t appreciate this, but now I know that they can hardly represent “their” meme. Scumbag Steve, after hearing your song and reading this article, I would gladly share a beer/bowl with you and hear your story.

  • Dealzon

    Read the QA with him about how people made fun of his unborn kid’s ultrasound. Really messed up, but thats how the Internet can be. Glad he got beyond the meme and is making something out of it. The song isn’t my thing personally, but it certainly isn’t that terrible. Definitely a nice letter.

  • Troy Long

    With the name “Boston Blake” You’re going to tell me you arent’ a giant fucking douchebag?

    • cw

      I think Blake Boston is his real, given name.

      • Anonymous

        It is.

      • Stretch Mahoney

        born into douchebaggery

  • B

    you missed a few spots in your light grammar editing — there shouldn’t be commas between “that” and that” and “you” and “you” in “how strong you are and that, that picture has nothing to do with what makes you, you”

  • Raul Eduardo Martinez

    Buy Scumbag Hat on Ebay! Item# 140882247286

  • okinawa

    They need a meme support group to cope with things

  • Jose Guevara

    Brace yourselves, Benevolent Blake memes are coming.

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