One of Reddit’s most famous users is Bozarking, who wrote comments with elaborate sexual fantasies, often in innocent threads, that then attracted massive upvotes. His term “nonsexual and silly“, used in one of his many incest-themed stories, became a Reddit shibboleth. It also describes Bozarking’s style: presenting scenes where taboo, arousal and mundane joys and intimacies are inextricable.

After a few months, Bozarking deleted all his comments (some were saved and reused by the user bozarking_saver) and he disappeared early this year.

Except a Bozarking homage pops up every few months — with such consistency that it’s pretty easy to believe Bozarking is just creating new accounts.

User grakkobakko, who was just around for the summer and only wrote eight comments, might be a Bozarking alt. His most famous comment, about girls hanging out naked and pretending to be 19th Century intellectuals, sounds like Dresden Codak-influenced erotica but has the same “silly and nonsexual” theme. Most of his others were detailed reviews of porn, evaluating the authenticity of a few actresses and explaining how to quietly upgrade a dad’s porn stash.

Mroglolbo is the newest possible alt. He’s been pretty active over the past week and prolific for the past few months. He writes porn reviews (he’s got a mild scat fetish) and claims some wild adventures. One breakaway post this weekend described an elaborate stalking/obsession technique. If it’s real, this guy is actually a possibly dangerous creeper.

The tiny (410-subscriber) subreddit dedicated to Bozarking follows these possible alts and occasionally debates their provenance. It’s a frustrating hobby, as the mystery users frequently delete their comments, and the community hasn’t started consistently saving and reposting them.

These repeating tactics imply that one man is behind all these accounts. Which is a shame, because it means this surprisingly creative sexual oeuvre isn’t scaling up, and we’ll continually lose pieces of it to time unless some internet historian (maybe a yeoman at the Daily Dot) starts keeping careful track of these comments and systematically providing copies. (I saved Mroglolbo’s work, but could I be bothered to re-post it all if it disappears?)

And then what? Bozarking gets scared off because his work is no longer ephemeral? If this is all really him, he has some desire for mystery and wants to be known through spotty oral tradition.

Which is also a shame, because I’d pay the man to write a book. Hell, he could make thousands on Kickstarter (they’ve accepted erotic literature before). I’m not exaggerating when I say this guy could be a professional writer just by doing what he’s already doing on Reddit.

  • mroglolblo

     You’d really pay me to write a book?

    • Anonymous

      We’ll get you halfway there anyway.

  • Beknown

    Maybe he is a professional writer…

    • Nick

      I hope so. I just wish I could find his real name so I could read his work.

  • tedthornton

    He comes back and posts ALL THE TIME but he got sick of having to live up to his “image.” He’s said so about a hundred times. How do you manage to write all of this and not run into the guy? He’ll volunteer his story and why he killed his account if you just ask.

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