Mike Monteiro vs allthis

Allthis is a startup where people buy ten-minute online chats with each other. It could maybe be a cool idea. But their list of potential chattees included a lot of well-known professionals who’d never heard of Allthis.

One of those professionals wrote a loud blog post about getting herself off the list, embarrassing Allthis into taking down all the unauthorized profiles. That included the BoingBoing writers, who are known to be (rightfully) prickly about this sort of business bullshit. So that bit them in the ass too.

But the real fun started when the fake Twitter account popped up.

Mike Monteiro, one of the victims of Allthis’s skeevy fake profile plan, is also known for hating this kind of shit. But he’s known for reacting to it by harassing the perpetrators, relentlessly and delightfully childishly. And he railed on them:

So when someone made a BPGlobalPR-style Twitter account, @allthisPR, to compete with @allthis, and their first tweet addressed Mike, I assumed he was behind the parody:

But he tells me (and his followers) that it’s not him; in his many fake accounts, he avoids mentioning himself.

So @allthisPR kept goading:

And the real @allthis account took the bait:

Meanwhile they continued being dicks to the people who’d complained about them being dicks in the first place:

Basically, the actual account was nearly as rude and entitled as the parody account. Except they weren’t kidding.

I think Allthis thinks they’re being cool and edgy? That would count if their business were, like, funny t-shirts. But Allthis is about helping nerds and suits network. They really wanna shoot for Louis C.K. and come across as Dane Cook? This site won’t make trading time cool. It just makes it gross, desperate and awkward.

Allthis’s link to its dispute line is broken even after Mike pointed it out. They really give a shit about you, [Customer Name]!

Meanwhile, @allthisPR has 90 followers to @allthis’s 490.

And I bought ten minutes of this guy‘s time:

Top photo by Laughing Squid’s Scott Beale on Flickr

Correction: An earlier draft of this article gave Mike Monteiro credit for @allthisPR. The account holder is unknown.

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