Posts Published December 2011

  1. Demon Santa: A Post-Christmas Advice Meme

    I didn’t want to ruin Christmas for you, so I saved this until a time when it’s okay to imagine Santa as a hellspawn.

    See more of the Claus from beyond the grave. »

  2. George-Bailey

    Christmas Songs, In Order of Depressingness

    Please stop playing this music. It hurts me. It hurts me… so much.

    First: The Charlie Brown Christmas songs. »

  3. Fat-ass Sonic the Hedgehog

    Dumb Running Sonic

    Dumb Running Sonic is a blog full of people’s retarded animations of Sonic the Hedgehog running (including the above Fat Sonic).

    This single-topic blog seems to be slowly spreading. Despite over 260 entries and a shoutout from Sega’s Twitter account, it only hit 3,000 followers yesterday, but it’ll obviously be huge by next month.

  4. Scumbag Santa banner

    Scumbag Santa, Your Christmas Advice Meme

    ‘Tis the season to be bitter. Scumbag Santa is an advice animal meme that reveals Santa Claus for the asshole he is.

    The meme was first posted 3 months ago on Reddit, where Christmas (among other things) comes early:

    After poring over pages of this meme, I learned something about you guys. You are still angry at Santa for making out with your mom and eating your cookies, you never got that really cool present you asked for, you think Santa is too judgmental and is engaged in class warfare, and you think jokes about Santa’s sack are hilarious.

    Here are the top Quickmeme Scumbag Santas, followed by seven of my own.

    See the truth about the world’s most successful creeper. »

  5. Dave Seger happy holidays

    No Wait, This Is Everything: Happy Holidays From This Fruitcake

    Dave Seger knows that covering people with slimy foodstuffs is a reliable crowd-pleaser.

    Watch this fruitcake. »

  6. Mike Lacher Uncastable

    Uncastable: Mike Lacher

    Slacktory loves Uncastable, the web series of nightmare auditions, so much that we’re publishing two episodes ourselves.

    Last time, Nick Douglas rang in the season for savings. Today, Uncastable co-creator Mike Lacher goes digital.

    Watch his audition, unless you’re the kind of person who says ‘Curbed is too awkward for me.’ »

  7. Going to the Store Guy

    This Is Everything: Going to the Store With a Real Person

    It’s a guy re-enacting the famous video of the mannequin flailing around L.A.

    Doop doopee doop, doopee doopee BOOP boop! »

  8. Ryan Gosling leading

    The Best Ryan Gosling Memes From Gosblr, the Ryan Gosling Tumblr Tumblr

    Ryan Gosling blogs mostly follow the format of the original, three-year-old Fuck Yeah! Ryan Gosling: “Hey girl, blah blah blah.” There are so many of them that there’s a blog just dedicated to finding and cataloging them, run by the Daily Dot.

    The first spinoff, Feminist Ryan Gosling, came out this October.

    And now there’s… »

  9. Videogum viral montage

    What Videogum’s 2011 Viral Montage Reveals About Our Big, Sophisticated Internet Memes

    The Best Viral Videos Of 2011: A Retrospective | Videogum

    It’s over 4 minutes and it still feels cramped and skimpy (but excellent!). It leaves out Ted Williams the golden-voiced hobo, Asians in the Library, Jim Carrey’s creepy message to Emma Stone, Benton, and probably a million people misbehaving on trains. And yet it catches dozens of things that other year-in-virals montages missed. That’s how huge our weird little internet has gotten.

    Earlier this year I asked Greg Rutter if he’d ever make a third ‘You Should Have Seen This’ list. »

  10. Facebook Pokemon

    Startup or Pokemon?

    Every time you play, you get a different random set of 10 startups or Pokemon. I got 8/10, 5/10 and 8/10.

    Go play Startup or Pokemon? by Evil Brain Jono.

    Facebook office photo by Acid Cow

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