Yesterday, Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly told Bill O’Reilly that police pepper spray, like the spray used on the UC Davis student protestors, is “a food product, essentially”. (Video below.)

So I’m petitioning Ms. Kelly to eat or drink a full dose of pepper spray and broadcast it on Fox News.

Sign the petition!

Now watch the spraying in question from four angles:

Hahahahaha “food product”.

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  • Nate Smith

    Wow…these people…..

  • Gen Jones

    Would never penetrate the 1/8 inch of grease paint it takes to make this ridiculous FUX bimbo’s botoxed face look remotely human.

  • Angela Denise Rogers

    What a dumb broad.

    • Anonymous

      Let’s maybe keep our comments away from the fact that she’s female and focus on her gross insensitivity.

      • Anonymous

        Nah dude, it’s cool. It’s not sexist if the commenter is also a woman.

        • CultureBearer

          WHAT?!? Sexism is sexism, racism is racism, etc. The person saying it does NOT mitigate that. It is unfortunate, but not uncommon, for people to use stereotypes and putdowns from the mainstream to criticize someone with whom they share the demographic on which the putdown is based. It’s their way of saying, I might be a woman, too, but at least I’m not a dumb broad. Still a putdown using sexist language.

          • Anonymous

            Oooooh, you think I was being serious. My bad, I’m totally not. I’m completely on board with the point you and Nick are making. Helpful rule of thumb for determining when I’m being sarcastic: always.

    • Patriot

      Major league hot though

  • Anonymous

    The truly crazy thing: of the two people in that video, she is by far the most reasonable. By a lot. Bill O’Reilly, in one fell swoop, claims that we don’t have a right to criticize the actions of the police and that there should be no consequences for following orders.  MAN, NUREMBERG, AMIRITE?

    • Deb833

      She’s reasonable?  Do you think calling pepper spray is reasonable?

      • Deb833

        calling pepper spray a food.  argh

      • Anonymous

        Looks like it’s time for an educational moment!

        Remember, kids, “more reasonable” is not the same as “reasonable”! If I say, “cancer is funnier than Dane Cook”, does that mean I think cancer is funny? Actually, maybe that’s a bad example!
        If I say, “Immanuel Kant is more interesting than the tax code”, I’m not calling Kant interesting – no one is! I’m making what we call a comparison, which is relative, as opposed to an absolute assertion!So when I say Megyn Kelly is more reasonable than Bill O’Reilly, I just mean, Bill O’Reilly is out of his fucking mind! Tune in next week, kids, when I discuss how to maximize the benefits of turkey liver with art projects for your kids!

    • Patriot

      Miles, I don’t think comparing UC Davis to the Holocaust is fair. I’m as appalled as you are over what happened but comparing it with the slaughter of 6 million people is going a little far

      • Stephen Smith

        What about comparing swine on the Interwebz who are calling for OWS protesters to be “beaten with clubs”. I’ve seen those comments at least 50 times in the past week. Can I compare that with the Holocaust? Well?

      • Michael

        Patriot, I don’t think Miles is comparing UC Davis to the Holocaust. He is showing that, as the Nuremberg trials concluded, saying you were “following orders” does not excuse anyone for their actions when they are unjustified.

      • No BS

        Patriot, is it going further than pretending that 11 million disabled, Russian, and people of non-Jewish religion killed in the Nazi holocaust don’t count?

  • EatMangos

    LOL people are just chilling as others get sprayed.

    • guest

      The only reason why they don’t get involved is because they would only bring more harm to the protesters than help.

  • Anonymous

    She clearly thinks it’s a diet aid. Perhaps the entire staff of Fox “news” would agree to be pepper sprayed just to prove it’s harmless. And please use the military grade pepper spray used on the UC Davis students. None of that namby pamby stuff.

    • Anonymous

      I think police grade would be a better way to describe it, since it is a war crime for the military to use it in a war.

  • John Bonomo

    if she thinks its a food maybe she should try and eat it

  • BroadwaySpirit

    what bothers me the most, is that you have one side trying to justify actions that intentionally cause harm to others…the others being people who – to the best of our ability to know – were staging a peaceful protest. Police action during a civil, lawful, peaceful protest should be limited to protection and not harm. 

    • Patriot

      Broadway, I’m afraid to say this but…………..if this comes down to armed revolt it will be the police of several states that start it

  • Susan Jones

    Where’s the petition?  I’m still waiting for Hannity to get his waterboarding, too.

    • Doug105

      Blue link right above the videos.

  • Drroto2

    tear down the lies–tear down any cable from a pole that you see till they take fox news off the cable line!

  • Tony Galano

    And Mustard Gas is a food product too, huh, Megyn?

    • Anonymous

      Actually, Tony, so is cyanide. You can find it in almonds, lima beans, spinach, and bamboo shoots. Let’s add cyanide gas to the list of things to make Megan eat.

  • Mtnboy

    Kelly and O’Reilly would not have liked the actions of the American Revolution.

  • Patriot

    If she thinks it’s so harmless, I say your right let her get Pepper sprayed on the air, just like Hannity said water boarding isn’t torture, Keith Olbermann offered him 25,000 dollars for every minute he could hold out and Hannity never took him up on it. I’ll offer the same amount to kelly if she gets pepper sprayed for as long as the kids at UC Davis did.

  • june noble

    where the heck is the petition?   I wanna sign

  • Rick Ruskin

    The objections to her comments are moronic, Kelly said that pepper spray was a derivative of a food product, which it is. She said so in response to O’Reilly’s question. She also went on to call her description of it as a food product is”beside the point” and called it abrasive and obtrusive. She later went on to say that while the police could legally justify their actions , that the decision to spray while legal could prompt a moral discussion, almost implying that she questioned the decision. Of course the petty minds of the liberal Fox haters will pull a few words frrom the discussion and ignore context, just like they usually do.  What a pathetic reaction to this story, Kelly was offering a legal opinion and that is ignored, instead the fools focus on a few insignificant words.

    • klo

      I agree, Rick, although I do think she could have done a bit more to backpedal off her comment about it being essentially a food product. As for the petition, Nick, I think it’s opportunistic and frankly mean-spirited. I’m no fan of Megyn Kelly — or Bill O’Reilly or Fox News, for that matter — but I don’t think she deserves to be goaded into public humiliation for her remarks, or even chastised.

    • Tropezbeachbum
    • Busse Nicolai

      It may be a derivative of a foodproduct, but that is blurring what it actually is: a chemical agent. It’s all about framing. Using the term as she did is a way to make it a less potent mixture. 

    • Kerry

      Umm, you missed the fact that she was saying “a lot of experts are looking at that and saying ‘is that the real deal’ because”  when o’reilly piped in with “yeah, they should have had more of a reaction…” and she agreed with him!!!!! 

      She had already dismissed it as a diluted (not concentrated) food product that they should have had more of a reaction to,  so it doesn’t much matter what she had to say after that. 

      And, btw, I’d like to know what “experts” said “is that the real deal…”  Fox “experts”?  Hmm.

      Insignificant – I think not. 

      Oh, and, if it’s simply a “derivative of a food product” then why is it illegal in some states?

  • Brony Montana


  • Amused Guest

    The active ingredient in pepper spray is capsaicin, which is a chemical derived from the fruit of plants in the Capsicum genus, including chilis.  Thus, it is essence (no pun intended) a food product.  If you can eat a Ghost Chile, you can handle pepper spray.

    • netwarrior

      How about having Ghost Chili rubbed in your eyes? Is that manageable? 

  • Monroe1959

    Bull!  Not all blondes are dumb but this one is!!!!!!!!

  • Vway

    Pepper spraying – not good for anybody.  Making ad hominem remarks about someone you disagree with or don’t like – puerile.  The more comments made like the attacks on Kelly, the quicker #OWS will alienate the non 1% and non 99% which is probably the other 300 million of us.  You’re bringing down your own cause but are too obtuse or morally superior to realize it.

  • Hank Kelly

    Why the surprise about Megyn Kelly’s stupid comment about pepper spray being a food product? She’s just another blond bimbo for Fox News.

  • Kimjas3

    Here, here Rick! What is wrong with people? Megan Kelly was responding to questions and  stating legal facts! How people can take a factual explanation and turn it into insensitivity and bias is truly ridiculous! Wake up people and actually open your eyes!

  • Nordrg

    ‘typical fox

  • Pkiddburgess

    if you wach sevrol of the vids pst you see the orders wer to tack down the incantments and to not yous fores

  • Anonymous

    Fox News sucks just like all the other Zionist media manipulation outlets.

  • Haters Gonna Hate

    OK re-nobs, fact of the matter is pepper spray is a food derivative. Derivative doesn’t mean edible, it means it is derived from food. Peppers are a food source. Pepper spray is made of of the juice of peppers, highly concentrated and in aerosol form. I am not for the spraying of students by any means, but I can’t say I am against it in this particular incident. As a former military police officer I know it is true to say that the cops gave the kids every opportunity to disperse, and more than enough forewarning that they were going to be sprayed. They stood around shaking the bottles in plain sight of the students, warning them and asking them to leave for several moments, trying to pull the students up and get them to leave before they finally ran out of options and followed through with the threats. If they didn’t want to get sprayed, they should have moved. I say they brought it on themselves.

  • Tater Gumfries

    Well, it is derived from a food product, but she don’t know enough to say it’s chile, not pepper. They’re different things. 

  • Jade Andrews

    I haven’t been able to sign the petition for days… almost a week.  Its blocked.

    its an important step to let the media machine to stop misinforming us, this is encouraging abuse. Please try to fix the petition so people can sign it?

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