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For the uninitiated, The aim of memecapping is usually to get a quote the actor has said elsewhere that still applies to this show. Of course, since that won’t always happen, there’s also references to memes, lyrics and other forms of entertainment that share similar plot points.

It’s an extremely shortened recap that just might add an extra layer of awesome to shows you already love. This way you don’t have to read a boring essay that sucks the hilarity out of your favorite shows like Parks and Recreation, Community or Castle.

Since most people will never forgive Nick Cannon for things like Drumline, saying anything about his marriage to Mariah Carey or hosting Wyldin’ Out, the “Cool Neighbors” episode of Up All Night warranted a quote from the opening lines of the latter program. Besides, those lines also apply to Reagan and Chris’ plans to impress the cool new neighbors–even after they’d called the cops on them.


Last week’s episode of Castle, “Demons,” involved almost too many references to Ghostbusters. Don’t get me wrong, it was an excellent episode, but the final step just needed to be made for them:


Community’s Halloween episode, “Horror Fiction in Seven Easy Steps,” demanded a Human Centipede reference after the creepiness of “Troy and Abed Sewn Togeeeeeether!”


On Eureka, robotic Sheriff Andy (pictured here) was accidentally shipped off to Saturn’s moon, Titan. His lover, the Sherriff’s house robot Sarah, was getting corroded by acidic guano (suspend disbelief here). Luckily, everyone was saved and Sarah wanted to warm up robotic Andy. “One Small Step” earned itself a reference to Drew from Office Space as Andy…crossed Sarah’s threshold.


Despite the absurdly cliché “There are things about your family you don’t know,” the pilot for NBC’s Grimm was surprisingly good and appropriately creepy for the season. The villain stole a kid with the intent of fattening and eating her. It seemed only appropriate to nod ye olde cap (pun only slightly intended) toward Dr. Lecter.


Matt Besser guest starred as the object of Penny’s affection in Happy Endings’ Halloween episode. He was cock-blocked posthaste and for the rest of the night by Max, who is the other half of Penny’s costume. So this quote came from Besser’s character, Dave, in Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story.


In Parks and Recreation‘s “Meet ‘N’ Greet” episode, the illustrious Mr. Swanson takes it upon himself to fix the house in which he is celebrating Halloween. Whether Lil Wayne actually thought it up himself (Aliens? C’mon, man.) or it was one of the few good things to ever come out of the rest of Young Money, the quote is from “Let the Beat Build.”


This dinosaur might’ve been hopelessly nipping at food she couldn’t reach in Terra Nova‘s “The Runaway,” but she still found a helpless, edible human hanging from a tree. Besides, this show’s produced by Stephen Spielberg–the same man who directed Jurassic Park, the source of this very meme.


“The Runaway” also starts with the capture of the episode’s namesake. The show’s opposition, called “The Sixers,” look and act like Lost‘s “The Others,” so this scene where the scary little escapee ran in front of the camera demanded a quote from Mr. Friendly. In related news, this show will not be a permanent member of your personal television canon like Lost.


On The Office (“Spooked”), Robert California’s disregard for fear, extreme devotion to capitalism and resemblance to Joel Goodson necessitated a Risky Business reference.


Potentially one of the funniest new shows on television, Spy follows a hapless loser (the episode’s titled “Codename: Loser” to make that clear for you) who bumbles his way into MI5. As such, Nick Rivers’ attempts to remain in the shadows seemed most appropriate for our antihero Tim’s newfound career.

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