Tay Zonday Mama Economy song

Tay Zonday’s song “Mama Economy” doesn’t just explain CDOs and housing prices like every other “here’s how the economy works” video. It’s in-depth. It has a point of view.

Sample lyric:

But kids don’t learn in school we live one worldview —
neoliberal economics in all of their politics.
They don’t ask why corporations are human citizens
or why Grandma pays more taxes ’cause she lacks stock dividends
or why private bankers print the public money
or why democracy is broken ’cause their leaders won’t be cutting
loopholes or subsidies for constituent industries,
putting legislative bodies in a deep freeze.

New ringtone!

Like, it’s a great eye-opener to the horrors of an economy we’ve mostly just accepted, a defense of the motivation behind the Occupy movement, and it’s being sung by the guy whose last job was a Cherry Dr. Pepper ad.

This is a great video that maybe will actually educate some people! I just feel unsettled by its medium, and by Tay’s serious face after the last chorus.

Via: WNYC’s Transmitter

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