Lawyer Mike Raps

Hardwick hasn’t noticed him. Neither has Daniel Tosh. He hasn’t been on the Daily What or Best Week Ever.

They’ve all missed the boat on Lawyer Mike, the Knoxville-based personal injury attorney… and rapper.

According to his website, Lawyer Mike passed the bar in the late nineties. In 2009, he added Entertainment Law to his repertoire and started representing hip-hop artists and songwriters (everyone from Def Jam rappers to members of
Public Enemy).

Then, in October 2010, he launched his own YouTube channel.

The first video he posted: A collaboration with Parlae (Dem Franchize Boyz) and a producer named Deano (a.k.a. Teflon Beats) called “Turn it Up.”

Soon after, Mike uploaded a second raucous club jam (also featuring Parlae) entitled “Don’t Be Mad.” This was followed by the reflective solo track, “Gone.”

Then he got dark in his video for “The One.” But by June, he was back at the top of his game with “It’s Still Raining” – a sequel to the song “Rain,” about the difficulties we all face in life.

In it, we become witness to one young man’s struggle with an addiction to Corona Extra. This is intermixed with scenes of Lawyer Mike cruising around in his Mercedes and dancing around shirtless.

This is not a thing that happened! It’s a thing that’s still happening. Since “It’s Still Raining,” Mike has released two new tracks (including one concerning infidelity, and another about his skills in the courtroom).

Plus, according to his Facebook page, he’s currently working on a full-length album.

It’s very exciting news for Lawyer Mike’s 213 Facebook fans. But the real question is: why is no one else talking about this?

Why isn’t the internet abuzz about this 40-year-old Caucasian attorney — with a ponytail and a Florida Gators tattoo — trying to kickstart a rap career?

It’s a harsh reminder that fame doesn’t always go to the most deserving.

Lawyer Mike. Wife him.

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