As of this morning, over 30,000 people have signed my petition asking Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly to eat pepper spray on TV to prove her point that it’s “a food product, essentially.”

I’m so proud of the internet for getting behind something that probably won’t happen and will really just make us snicker and remember that certain TV news channels don’t give a damn about what words actually mean.

I’m also proud of everyone who wrote me hate mail!

These are real. I know.


james brown brotherman sent you a private message on

high horse

Nick get off your high-horse.people like you are the reason this country is in should watch more fox new’s .and stop being brain washed be the liberal media you watch.if i seen you i would give you a nock up -side your head .”for REAL” have a rotten turkey day.and burn in hell you true peice of “shit” LMAO

Joke’s on you, I love rotten turkey.


liberals eat shit sent you a private message on

eat shit asshole

eat shit asshole

Joke’s on you, I love shit.


Richard Cranium sent you a private message on

Get a life

I feel sorry for you dude



juliee e sent you a private message on

liberal nut job

get a life



juliee e sent you a private message on

put the joint down

come back to reality your petition is a farce..have you even read the comments? Obvioulsy Yahoo didn’t or hey would see most ppl signing don’t give a crap about Fox or megan kelly.

Dude, you just sent me a message. Slow down next time.

Also, yes, this petition is a farce. That is exactly what it is. We all know that Megyn Kelly and Fox News will never actually have to answer for their bullying, truth-stretching and knee-jerk defense of an overarmed police force. They will never have to admit they were wrong, or back up their statements with action.

Meanwhile, we may as well have fun by emailing Ms. Kelly at or tweeting @megynkelly and @foxnews with a link to the petition.

  • captwasabi

    Feel free to call this “hate mail” though it would be more aptly described as being educational in purpose.

    Megan Kelly is 100% correct in saying that pepper spray is a food product.

    The active ingredient in pepper spray is capsaicin which is a chemical derived from the fruit of plants in the Capsicum genus, most typically chilis. So while you may have received signatures from over 30,000 people all that means is that you are read by at least 30,000 ignorant people.

    Just fyi, I have been exposed to pepper spray multiple times due to my training. Additionally police officers and especially Marines are routinely exposed to pepper spray during their training.

    So do have fun with your silly little petition but do know that despite all your commentary to the contrary Megan Kelly is 100% right.


    • Guest


    • libertarianauthoritarian

      Water is a food product. 

      Yet, people drown.

      Salt is a food product.

      Yet, people get high blood pressure and heart attacks from it.

      Trivializing something by pretending that it’s the same, even when put into a cup versus submerging your home, is not something that can be defended.

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