GTA V Trailer - Up n Atom Burger

The new Grand Theft Auto 5 trailer is out! Aaaaaaaaaah it’s a computer game everyone is excited yay! And it shows that like all GTA games, this one will be full of fake products and slogans. Here are the best 13 14 I spotted.

Bugstars: Putting the FU in fumigate.


Need money for beer, pot and hookers. At least I’m not bullshitting U!


Glory Holes (a bakery?)


We aim not to lose it.


E Cola: Deliciously infectious!


Los Santos


Mile High Club


Pizza This


Pump Buddy Magazine: Plenty of issues to work out!


Speedophile 2000


Tequi-la-la, and Enema


Up-n-Atom Burger: Once it pings, eat like kings.


Vapid cop car


Vinewood sign


See what else you can find in the trailer:

  • Kierank695

    i found the release date. go to 0:55, look in bottem right. it says 2405. which might, MIGHT, mean 24/05/2012.. the release date

    • Nope.jpg

      Except that Rockstar is an American company, and our dates are formatted as month/day/year and 24 is not a month.

      • J.Nevarez

        Except the Houser clan is British, so Kierank695 might be on to something…

  • Melluh

    In the alley on 0:37 you can see the “HO BO” logo on the green trash container, that one is pretty funny as well.

  • Adriian
  • ████████████

    The ”Ace liqouir” sound like ass licker :D

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