Posts Published November 2011

  1. Let's say Facebook a lot

    Every “Facebook” in The Social Network: A Supercut

    You know what’s cool? A billion Facebooks. Slacktory video editor Debbie Saslaw found every time someone says “Facebook” in the 2010 film The Social Network.

    Watch our supercut. »

  2. Guy at the beach

    What You See Vs. What Your Camera Sees

    This meditation on the frustrations of photography is inspired by this Reddit comic.

    What you see:

    Photo by Alyssa L. Miller on Flickr

    What your camera sees:

    Photo by Fiona Shields on Flickr

    See more photos of expectations vs. reality. »

  3. Lawyer Mike Raps

    Can We Talk About Lawyer Mike?

    Hardwick hasn’t noticed him. Neither has Daniel Tosh. He hasn’t been on the Daily What or Best Week Ever.

    They’ve all missed the boat on Lawyer Mike, the Knoxville-based personal injury attorney… and rapper.

    On video. Come see. »

  4. first comic banner

    Webcomic Webcomic: A Look Into the Past

    We found Justin Hall through his hand-drawn rage comics on Reddit. Now he’s drawing webcomics about webcomics for Slacktory.

    Some day we’ll look back at these, and that’s when we’ll finally laugh at them.

    Read this week’s Webcomic Webcomic. »

  5. Justin-Timberlake-is-impressed

    I Feel Small and Confused About Facebook Being Worth $100 Billion

    So Facebook is likely to go public next year at a $100 billion valuation. And this is the moment I became a grandpa who didn’t understand anything, because I can’t wrap my head around how a company made of people sitting at computers might be worth three times as much as, say, General Motors, a company that makes fuckin’ cars, with machines and factories and tools.

    Facebook would be bigger than Disney, which makes movies and TV and has a fleet of theme parks with rides that could sometimes kill you. It’d be bigger than Amazon, which has warehouses full of stuff to ship.

    Apple’s bigger. But Apple has factories. »

  6. Google-plus-quits

    The + in Google+ Interviews for a New Job

    Mr. *: So why don’t you tell me a little bit about yourself? You’re not the type of glyph we usually see around here. Why the transition into publishing?

    Mr. +: Well, first off, thanks for the opportunity to meet with you today. So… my current position is just not quite panning out. And now I see I was made for, well, work like what you guys are doing.

    I was a huge nerd in high school. I wanted to be one of the guys in the woods behind the bleachers, carved into a tree declaring “Ryan + Tiffany 4 Eva”. No such luck, all I ever did was math—well, I also dabbled in computer programming.

    Mr. *: I know what you mean, we can’t all work between the “y” and the “s” in Macy’s! I’m an asterisk, not a star! Heh heh. Ahem. So, can you give me a bit more of your background? What were you doing before your current job?

    Read the rest of +’s interview. »

  7. Life spinner

    What Your Favorite Board Game Says About You

    Yahtzee: People often compliment your sweaters.

    Clue: You know how British TV works. (Also you call it “Cluedo”.)

    Settlers of Catan: You can identify multiple kinds of sake by taste.

    Scattergories: You’ve successfully contested a parking ticket.

    Risk: You have unresolved issues with your parents.

    Battleship: You eat ice cream too fast and get brain freezes.

    Apologies to fans of Cranium. »

  8. Megyn-Kelly-pepper-spray

    Hate Mail for Our Fox News Pepper Spray Petition

    As of this morning, over 30,000 people have signed my petition asking Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly to eat pepper spray on TV to prove her point that it’s “a food product, essentially.”

    I’m so proud of the internet for getting behind something that probably won’t happen and will really just make us snicker and remember that certain TV news channels don’t give a damn about what words actually mean.

    I’m also proud of everyone who wrote me hate mail!

    Let’s read it! »

  9. Subscribe to this cartoon

    Slacktory Supercut: Please Subscribe

    Not to us, stupid. To all the YouTubers begging viewers to subscribe, in this supercut edited by Debbie Saslaw.

    Watch. And then… SUBSCRIBE. »

  10. Twilight-Breaking-Dawn

    Movie Equations

    This movie plus that movie equals…

    See seven more movie equations. »

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