Steve Jobs hates your joke

We showed you the good ones. Now here are the awful ones.

Thanks to Twitter user “doctor_ass” for thinking “I wonder if a bunch of Twitter users are making Steve Holt/Steve Jobs jokes”, checking, and retweeting what he found.!/amawaster/status/121893615868985344!/myprblm_urprblm/status/121802348933808130!/IML337/status/121785751833812992


Doctor_ass also found “Jobs was disappointed with iPhone 4s” jokes:!/AmeenAqeel/status/121966071388450816!/Tenkawa/status/121953916861689856!/LordNikonPro/status/121921430488231936

These are all a few examples out of dozens.


“iSad” went from joke to trending hashtag with dozens of tweets per minute:!/NeilDiamond/status/121773575203078145!/mrbsmith/status/121973256046657536!/Pistol1404/status/121974094861312000


People hope the iPhone works in heaven:!/SwagginKidrauhl/status/121958820359581696!/Dullaing/status/121947300883988482!/Dowletgeldi/status/121919327531315200!/iHeartSalvatore/status/121903207218814976!/SandroWkm/status/121871691516354560


“Is Apple gonna have a killer sale?”!/rim14isluv/status/121975233367384064!/Don__Trump/status/121975188492525568!/TheBurningBush9/status/121972348042752000!/xyelfierox/status/121972080794279936!/DeVon_Marie_/status/121966986145185792!/ErichaJF/status/121963688897945601


So there you go, the world sucks! Seen any other shitty Jobs jokes on Twitter? Tell us below!

  • Jasonbrocious

    The iPhone 4s release date has been set back, so that Apple could rush iCoffin io market. It has a glass top and bottom with aluminum sides. It only supports 5 pall bearers. If you touch it on the bottom left, the occupant doesn’t make it to heaven. Or you could buy a bumper for an additional $499.

  • TooSoon?!

    Rumor has it Steve Jobs tried to call 911 before he did, but unfortunately he still had AT&T

    • ToSoon?!

      F… died

  • Hellrazor

    Will his funeral support flash photography

  • Windsiege

    An apple a day doesn’t keep the cancer away.

  • Guest

    The economy is getting worse. We keep losing more and more Jobs.

  • Sim1rap

    Does anyone know when the iFuneral is happening?

  • Zach N

    They say that before you die your life flashes before your eyes, too bad Apple doesn’t support Flash…

  • Dan

    Word is Jobs will be laid to rest in Apples latest product: I-tombs.

  • Aat2bd

    The cancer wasn’t a bug,  It was a “Feature”…

  • Ruiner32

    In an address to Apple this morning, President Obama informed them that this is not what he meant by “shovel ready Jobs”.

    • Tim Dimsdale, WH FL

      @Ruiner32. Thank you. Finally an actual joke that is actually clever. Nic@74db292aaa3c7c17bc0e7d86d2d4ed20:disqus e work.

  • Capitanmorgn

    I guess steve was too cheap to get the apple Care.

  • Codnoob

    RIP Steve Jobs. He lived life to the Macs.

  • Harlequin

    now Steve Jobs is leading the Cloud Computing…. :P

  • MacDaddy

    The family of Steve Jobs have said that everyone is welcome to the funeral, but due to how it’s being held, there’ll be no reception.

  • inb4chucktesta

    Please everyone, stop crying. Dry your i’s. 

  • Paul E. Baylor

     Old saying: Death is the greatest equalizer
    Modern version: Want to be immortal? There is no app that. Even for Mr. Jobs.

    • Troll Ling

      what does the ipod and steven job have in common? every year they get thinner and lighter 

  • anon

    10 points for PC

  • JohnHeaven

    What’s the difference between Steve Jobs and a Prius?  A Prius can hit 60.

  • Cerealfan66

    Well Steve Jobs died turns out macs can get viruses!!!

  • Jeff Gonzales

    Steve Jobs would have lived longer if he had a user-replaceable battery.

  • Jody123


  • Jimmy

    I dont blame the economy for the loss of jobs, i blame cancer

    • Durene

      actually, cancer provides a lot of jobs in the healthcare field

  • Guest

    Gates 2 Jobs 0

  • Ctcrews94

    i guess PC finally killed him (pancreatic cancer)

  • Ctcrews94

    He really could not beat PC…. Pancreatic Cancer

  • Taylor Elizabeth

    Has anyone tried turning him off and back on again? That usually works.

  • Stevejob

    so.. people in heaven will play Angry Bird on the iphone in heaven yeah?

  • R&R

    They finally found a virus to kill the mac.

  • T_jeffrey10

    What did 1 unemployed cancer sell say to the other?
    Lets get Jobs. Hardyhar 

  • comicbookandmoviereviews

    Christmas Cracker Jokes that are funny -

  • Uthman Hassen

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  • Christian-was-here

    Unfortunately, he’ll never get into heaven because he cant pass Gates…

  • pbdesigner

    Do to Steve’s religion, his only request was, when he is buried, he wants to face east to Macca!

  • pbdesigner

    Today, the US economy is very slim on Jobs these days.

  • pbdesigner

    Now we know why Steve was pushing iClouds!

  • pbdesigner

    What’s the difference between Steve Jobs and MacBook Air laptop?

    About 6 pounds!

  • pbdesigner

    Apple just released an new action figure called “Steve Jobs Air”!

  • pbdesigner

    What’s the difference between Steve Jobs and a MacBook Pro?

    About 1/4 inch!

  • pbdesigner

    The US economy at least stopped haemorrhaging Jobs!

  • pbdesigner

    All the billions of dollars Steve leaves behind, to bad he didn’t create iWallet!

  • pbdesigner

    What’s the difference between Steve Jobs and Bill Gates!

    Bill Gates gotta life!

  • pbdesigner

    So much for Apple’s new iLife 10!

  • pbdesigner

    Looks like Steve’s career is up in smoke! Just say’n!

  • pbdesigner

    I always thought that Steve’s head was up in the iClouds!

  • pbdesigner

    Never tell Apple that Jobs are slim to none!

  • pbdesigner

    Bill Gates always said that Apple jobs will eat dirt some day!

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