I am the 2 percent

I knew I needed to make a parody of the powerful but super-serious blog We Are the 99 Percent. My first thought was some kind of “100%” movement that only described itself in universal turns. Instead I chose milk (above).

There are, of course, many other jokes to make here.

First, the ones I don’t think you’ve seen.

Jason Sweeney is the 110 percent:


Kyle Hepworth (whose friend posted this to Reddit) wants to play too:


From someone’s Tumblr (via Brad O’Farrell): The one purse Ent. Wakka wakka.

The rest of these are older, but just in case:

Overthinking It used superheroes:


Luke Skywalker (by Accordion Guy, I think):


Comics Alliance puts Batman in the 1%:


And of course there’s the parody blog We Are the 53%, which posts obvious fakes (as if someone could get help from welfare through hard times, then believe no one else should get that help):

That hilarious parody was so clever that it fooled a response blog, Actually You’re the 47%, into responding.

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