Animated GIF collage

Gifs! Because who has time to push play on time-consuming videos nowadays?? I got shit to do, Internet! Like look at more funny cat pictures or change my little brother’s facebook status to Nickelback lyrics. So without further ado, I bring you 15 of Sofapizza‘s favorite gifs, in no particular order:

That time Ryan Seacrest tried to play ‘up high, down low’ with a blind guy, and still lost.


Seabiscuit was then taken out back and shot.


Eh, I’m sure that’s safe enough.


That’s a glass door you stupid bird, not dance dance revolution.


Nice save, bro.


Observe the majestic Derpasaurus in its natural habitat.


Already crushing daddy’s dreams.


Please accept this complimentary teabag with your rescue.


Shout-out to my wife back home!


Nooooooo! Not my cup of jizz!!


You win this round, gravity.


Damn girl I was just tryin to holla.


Off to the drag races.


Hey does that horse do its own stunts? NOPE! Chuck Testa.


Be healed! The power of cock propels you!

  • shark

    Oh my god not only are the gif’s hilarious, but your comments just make them sooo much better

  • Carlos Mal

    I LOL’d more than once. I have seen all of them before, but seeing them together makes them funnier.

  • Mark

    There is no one wiser or funnier on the webs than Sofa Pizza.

  • Glenn

    Excellent.  Love your work SP, you help keep my days happy. 

  • Johnny

    Hahaha, that’s hilarious!!!!

  • Schoopy

    Brilliant comment work, Lady. you’re awesome. donuts rule.

  • Simone Nicole Figeroux

    Omg, I’m stifling! Too funny!

  • Skoe

    Ahh my cheeks hurt from laughing so much!

  • Jole Curgens

    lol watching this in class and just started laughing so hard. people are judging.

  • Bella

    I love you. I love all the giggles you summon from the depths of my body

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  • Dbakeca Italia

    awesomee :)))

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