Scottish guy with iPhone

The iPhone’s Siri virtual assistant can talk to users in several languages. But even its UK version can’t always hear Scottish accents, and loads of Asians can’t master her brand of English.

You know how TV shows like to imply that being Mexican is inherently funny? Being Scottish actually is.

(via HuffPo)


“Create allamandoff.”


The best Asian-vs-iPhone video. I almost feel like Siri is racist, which is ridiculous but still. I mean I know that’s totally crazy… but still.


Siri insists this Japanese guy is saying “Linda” instead of “Weather”. Granted, his English is not perfect.


Asians are just goddamn racist on themselves.


OK this isn’t even real. I’m not sure how strong this guy’s accent is supposed to sound to the Singaporean audience.


Boston accent! With “Billy Baker from Boston”. She gets most of it right! Because she’s racist.

  • Initini

    Well, hey. Yeah. I hope it dawned on you that whites aren’t the only racists in the world. Cheers!

  • Mark S.

    and deaf accents, no?  check out

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