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  1. Warehouse13Shadowsbanner

    Memecapping 3: Fringe, Castle, Rescue Me

    Memecapping! It’s TV recap memes, made from screenshots of this week’s popular TV shows captioned with lines from other TV shows (and books and movies and memes)! This week we cover CastleFringeHappy EndingsModern FamilyPsychRescue MeUp All NightWarehouse 13 and Wilfred.

    This week’s Modern Family is overlaid with a quote from Dude, Where’s My Car, because the show’s two gay (slightly Nordic) dudes (unintentionally) stole a car. If you watched the rest of these episodes, these memecaps will summarize what happened for you without the rigamarole of actually having to read someone’s boring recap–but the rest of the references are for you to unfold.

    See all 9 memecaps. »

  2. Black people banner

    It’s Not Racist If It’s Something Nice: Very Specific Racial Stereotypes

    Your mom didn’t mean to, like, point out that the guy in the story was a Chinese man. It just seemed kinda relevant! She wasn’t even saying anything bad about him, so what do you care!

    Clearly today’s casual racists are working with a whole set of stereotypes that the rest of us don’t know about. I’ve tried to pick out a few of them, all positive, which seem perfectly innocuous if you don’t squint too hard to see the obvious underlying prejudices.

    Based on a quote from Cole Stryker.

    Get ready to be slightly offended! »

  3. Title Pic Marla #3

    Marla the Shitty Advice Columnist: Household Hints

    We tried to hire a dating columnist for Slacktory, but Marla was all we could afford. Also see her advice about dating and family. Thanks for all your questions about household hints! We apologize in advance for Marla’s answers.

    Dear Marla,

    I am having a centipede problem in my house. Can you tell me how to get rid of them?

    I hope ur not talkin about human centipedes. »

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    Webcomic Webcomic: Two Dudes on a Couch

    We found Justin Hall through his hand-drawn rage comics on Reddit. Now he’s drawing webcomics about webcomics for Slacktory.

    Today’s comic is interactive! Fill in all the blanks, mad-lib style, and post your version in the comments. Congrats, you’re a webcomic writer! Then we’ll comment on your comic and tell you how you did it wrong and you suck.

    Read the damn comic. »

  5. Indie Weird Al

    11 Potential Weird Al Parodies of Indie Music


    “All Split Ends”

    Parody of: LCD Soundsystem, “All My Friends”

    Sample lyric:

    But if you’re worried your bangs are feathered
    Then you oughta try Tresemmé

    See why all of Weird Al’s new fans look like ‘Amish Paradise’ extras. »

  6. Bowling ball crushing egg

    The Only Five Videos on Vimeo

    You know how any kind of video could show up on YouTube, but it’s usually either a cat doing a trick, a music video, or someone telling opinions to their webcam?

    Well any kind of video can show up on YouTube’s smaller competitor Vimeo. But it’s usually one of these five things. (And it’s often NSFW.)

    You can already guess. Now check your answers. »

  7. Orgasm during sex again

    My Live Twitter Break-Up

    A couple months ago my girlfriend of a year told me she wanted to discuss whether or not we should remain in a relationship. It was pretty obvious from her tone that we were breaking up. When we brought the news to Twitter, both of us received requests from our friends and followers that we live-tweet the conversation. We did, and as soon as she left I screenshotted snippets from both of our Twitter feeds. Enjoy.

    ‘I hate u guys for ruining our scrabble double date!’ »

  8. Pandora Twilight sex chat
  9. How to Fucking Turn on Siri on Your iPhone

    You go to “settings” and find “Siri”.


  10. Liz Millers

    I’m Not the Liz Miller Who Signed Up for All These Wedding Emails

    Above: Google Images results for “Liz Miller”.

    I’ve had the email address since 2004, and I have been receiving emails for other women named Liz Miller ever since — approximately 10 a week, I’d average. I’m rarely sure how it happens, how mailing lists and travel itineraries and total strangers end up in my inbox, except that the root cause isn’t technological but “human error.” Which is to say, most people are not too good at this internet thing.

    Noooot too good. »

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