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The mainstream media presents misinformation about Occupy Wall Street, but there is also plenty of misinformation coming from the alternative media. Conspiracy theorists like to make ridiculous claims about New World Orders and cable TV shows, and they get millions of views doing it. Here’s a roundup of some of the best conspiracy theories about Occupy Wall Street.

1. Occupy Wall Street – Navi XtraNormal

Anon33679 hosts the weirdest talk show that I’ve ever seen. It was recorded in XtraNormal and isn’t about an iPhone. The host has a couch, but no guests. He looks like a member of the Na’vi species from Avatar, but he isn’t even in 3D.

He made this video “not to spread fear but as a warning of what’s to come so that you may bring yourself to a space of love.” Anon33679 is skeptical about Occupy Wall Street’s so-called steering committee, who he believes are secretly working to turn these peaceful protesters into a violent mob. This strategy will lead to chaos and create the perfect scenario for the collapse of the modern world.

He finds it interesting that the alarming increase in natural disasters, worldwide economic collapse, mandatory vaccinations, and a decade long war all seem to be coinciding with the 2012 Mayan Calendar. Anon33679 says they are trying to scare us, but we have nothing to fear because 2012 will be an era of peace, love, and tranquility where “food and seeds will become the new gold!”

The only solution to the violence perpetrated by the steering committee is to learn how to occupy your heart.

2. The Truth Behind Occupy Wall Street – OCCUPY THE CENTRAL BANKS AND PAY NO TAXES!

Axis4peace4 created this video on behalf of the Canadian Awareness Network. I was disappointed to find out that this group isn’t responsible for disseminating information on Canada’s vibrant multiculturalism, social programs, or renowned cuisine (maple syrup + poutine) at Expo 2010. Canadian Awareness Network and Axis4peace4 are focused on opening our eyes to the New World Order.

They accurately state that the Occupy Wall Street movement was initiated by Adbusters. They follow the paper-trail and discover that this organization received a grant from Tides Foundation. Tides Foundation itself was backed by international financier George Soros–and that bro is totally psyched about creating a New World Order.

Axis4peace4 believe that Soros is behind a steering committee of anarchists wanting to make chaos. They’ll create an oligarchy from the ashes and unify with the New World Order to take over, just like Hitler or Lenin did.

Axis4peace4‘s solution is to take all of your money out of the bank and “put it under a mattress or whatever.” Which is unhelpful to those of us who already sleep not on a mattress but on a pile of our own cash.

3. This Guy Doesn’t like Jews or the TV Show Dexter – Occupy Wall Street – October 6th – Day 20

JoeysNewYork interviews a man named Jesus at Occupy Wall Street. Jesus is there to protest all of the Jew bankers who are ruining the economy.

Jesus believes that the whole world is beholden to the Jewish Grip on the American Economy. Since the Jews also run broadcasting they’re poisoning everyone with their  “filthy and immoral media…There’s a TV show called Dexter where they have elevated a serial killer to a heroic status.” There is no way to deal with this problem until the Lord comes again.

I imagine it would have been super awkward for Jesus to visit the the Kol Nidre service at Occupy Wall Street that featured more than 700 Jews who weren’t Wall Street bankers. If Jesus is right about the Jews at the top controlling everything, they’re not doing a good enough job of trickling down the wealth to Jewish people like me.

4. Civil Unrest: Military Force, FEMA Camps Next?

Thetruthergirls says that the Occupy Wall Street movement have been “groovy in a sixties kind of way, but i’m concerned that something scary can come out of it.”

What kind of scary stuff is she talking about? I dunno… ever heard of a little bill called HR645?!?! Oh not up on your House Resolutions!? Well that’s why you need to be educated by the experts at infowars. Basically FEMA is going to call this a national emergency and then operate internment camps on military bases. Scary, and mildly based in reality!

It’s important to note that thetruthergirls has a character named Flo where she pretends to be living in an underground bunker waiting for the apocalypse to come. Comedy for conspiracy theorists by conspiracy theorists! Yeah but Hollywood would probably never put something so REAL on TV because they’re too busy distracting us with “flthy and immoral media” like Dexter.

5. Ryan Dunn and Occupy Dallas both Jackasses and EXPOSED!

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that this is the most credible conspiracy theory regarding the Occupy Wall Street movement. Dallasgoldbug believes that Jesse LaGreca, the Occupy Wall Streeter who pwned Fox News, is in fact Ryan Dunn from Jackass who allegedly faked his own death. He believes that LaGreca/Dunn flew to Dallas to flip him off.

The reason I believe this is all true, is because dallasgoldbug is hella good at superimposing ears over other ears and morphing facial hair onto different guys. Do you need further evidence? Well how’s about the proof that Bam Margera flew to Ryan Dunn’s funeral from Pima County Arizona? How can you refute geography bro?

Still don’t believe it? Ryan Dunn was on a show called Proving Ground with Jessica Chobot. And guess who was at the protest too? Another short brown-haired white girl!

If you don’t believe this, the orchestrators of Wall Street and the New World Order already control your brain, bro.


I am biased against conspiracy theories because I’m an advocate for making decisions based on reason. Their views are far too steeped in irrelevant mythology that sounds like a Lost fan explaining the last episode to someone who’s never seen the show before. Conspiracy theorists can’t believe that people would actually protest for real reasons (unemployment, corporations not paying taxes, business’ influence over politics). Their dogma makes them think that protesters are merely the pawns in some secret Illuminati cabal’s web of lies. I don’t think you need a conspiracy theory to believe that this current system is flawed.

Dissatisfaction with the system has also created an audience for conspiracy videos. This content is much longer than a “viral video” should be. Some are twenty minutes yet still serve Google AdSense ads. Dallasgoldbug’s channel has received more than a million views, Thetruthergirls has more than three million.

What draws people to conspiracy theory videos? Are they actually making good points that I’m too blind to see? Should I just drop my support for the Occupy Wall Street movement and move to an undisclosed bunker to record 35-minute rants about the Dalai Lama actually being an agent of the Bilderberg Group as a way to make hundreds of dollars in YouTube ad revenue?

  • anon33679

    haha. thanks for making my video number 1 on this list.  maybe you got me wrong,  i totally support the occupy wall street movement, I made it more as a warning to not let it get hijacked by special interest groups, and for people to stay peaceful, so they don’t have any marshall law excuses.  the Dali Lama works for bilderberg?!?!?!

  • MahenjoDaroen

    Excellent piece. I came here after seeing the video on Jesse LaGreca, as I found the video unbelievable (I, frankly, couldn’t see the resemblance. I guess too many years of drinking the koolaid have affected my eyesight!) I don’t think the Dallas guy was LaGreca, and I am SURE that LaGreca is not Dunn. And I am failing to see how, even if proven true, this connection would be relevant to anything. It’s a classic red herring.But just to be sure, it would be interesting to hear voice analysis experts deconstruct LaGreca’s and Dunn’s speech patterns, tone, etc. and etc.
    I have marched with Occupy Dallas and I’ve never seen anyone that would even reasonably resemble LaGreca. This whole thing is beyond bizarre.

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