Orgasm during sex again

A couple months ago my girlfriend of a year told me she wanted to discuss whether or not we should remain in a relationship. It was pretty obvious from her tone that we were breaking up. When we brought the news to Twitter, both of us received requests from our friends and followers that we live-tweet the conversation. We did, and as soon as she left I screenshotted snippets from both of our Twitter feeds. Enjoy.

My feed at the beginning of the conversation

Michelle’s feed 2 min. in

My feed 12 min. in

Michelle’s feed 20 min. in

My feed 24 min. in

Michelle’s feed 28 min. in

My feed 34 min. in

Michelle’s feed 35 min. in

My feed 40 min. in

Michelle’s feed 50 min. in

  • Grrr

    I want my 5 minutes back, please.

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