Memecapping! It’s TV recap memes, made from screenshots of this week’s popular TV shows captioned with lines from other TV shows (and books and movies and memes)! This week we cover CastleFringeHappy EndingsModern FamilyPsychRescue MeUp All NightWarehouse 13 and Wilfred.

This week’s Modern Family is overlaid with a quote from Dude, Where’s My Car, because the show’s two gay (slightly Nordic) dudes (unintentionally) stole a car. If you watched the rest of these episodes, these memecaps will summarize what happened for you without the rigamarole of actually having to read someone’s boring recap–but the rest of the references are for you to unfold.


Castle, “Eye of the Beholder”


Fringe, “Subject 9″


Happy Endings, “Secrets and Limos”


Modern Family, “Go Bullfrogs!”


Psych, “Last Night Gus”


Rescue Me, “Ashes” and “Vows”


Up All Night, “Birth”


Warehouse 13, “Insatiable” and “Shadows”


Wilfred, “Identity”

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