The Office Garden Party

Memecapping! It’s TV recap memes, made from screenshots of this week’s popular TV shows captioned with lines from other TV shows! This week we cover Castle, Community, Fringe, Happy Endings, Louie, Modern Family, Parks and Recreation, Raising Hope, Saturday Night Live, The Office and Warehouse 13.

There’s a reference to Freaks & Geeks in here, and a Star Trek: Voyager line, and you’ll have to guess the rest.

Community, “Remedial Chaos Theory”


Modern Family, “Hit and Run”


Raising Hope, “Kidnapping”


Raising Hope, “Sabrina Has Money”


Castle, “Kick the Ballistics”


Saturday Night Live, “Season 37 Episode 4″


Fringe, “Alone in the World”


Happy Endings, “Yesandwich”


Louie, “New Jersey Airport”


Warehouse 13, “The 40th Floor”


Parks and Recreation, “Pawnee Rangers”


The Office, “Garden Party”

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