With the release of iOS 5 I’m sure everyone will be challenging the capacity Apple servers trying to download this latest update. There are many great new features that all of you will love. To see those… go somewhere else. You’ve got Google. Use it.

However, if you would like to see all of the hidden easter eggs covertly nestled away within iOS 5 then you have come to the right place.

Steve Jobs Last Will in Testament

The passing of Steve Jobs was sad indeed, but he did leave a little something behind in the new iOS for us to discover. If you press the Calendar icon eleven times with your pinky finger, your device will display his will.

Alternate iCloud Icon

If you miss Steve as much as I do, then you will want this alternate iCloud icon to commemorate his loss.

Enable Flash!


Tired of instagram filters? Me too. With this handy easter egg you can change your mom’s vintage looking crappy photography back into modern looking crappy photography.

Dirty Autocorrect

Normally, iOS tries to determine the most likely word you were attempting to type whenever you have a fat-finger moment. If you enable Dirty Autocorrect, it will substitute the closest dirty word instead.

Whale Blocker

Remember this adorable fellow?

I admit, the whale thing was funny. I laughed and laughed. But it’s over now, folks. The joke has died, risen as a zombie, and then died again. But there are going to be friends who think they just discovered the greatest new thing and they are still going to send you lots and lots of whales. Thankfully, you can enable the iOS Whale Blocker.

That’s all the easter eggs for now. But stay vigilant and be sure to report any you find to me immediately.

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