Gary Johnson and Reddit alien

While the other Republican Presidential candidates were busy getting owned by Mitt Romney in the New Hampshire debate, former New Mexico governor Gary Johnson ran an “Ask Me Anything” thread on Reddit.

The libertarian Johnson was heartily welcomed by Redditors, who tend to split their allegiances between Obama and Ron Paul.

But his post title was a little strange for a Presidential candidate: “IAMA entrepreneur, Ironman, scaler of Mt Everest, and Presidential candidate. I’m Gary Johnson – AMA“. Like halfway down he was gonna start shouting “Impossible is nothing! I am certified to handle nuclear waste!”

Johnson definitely doesn’t think that he is more qualified to be President because he scaled Everest, right? Like, he’s clearly aware of the metaphorical nature of that achievement vis-a-vis running a 300-million-person country?

Because if so, then maybe Gary is admitting that now that he’s blocked out of all the debates, his chances of winning are slightly below “bullshit”?

Oh well, it’s a lovely Q&A and it’s not like we’re ever gonna a get a Reddit thread by Rick Perry.

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