No girls allowed.

In 1947, a young Fred Pepper graduated from medical school. His only desire was to use his medical knowledge to create a soft drink that tasted like gargoyle saliva with bubbles in it. Soon Dr. Pepper found the 23 perfect ingredients, and with a little carbonation his bubble soda pop concoction was complete.

Skip ahead to present time and we find a struggling soda company desperate to attract more people to drink their beverage. Other companies had created knock-off drinks and did it without a medical degree. The good doctor knew two things. Woman aren’t stupid enough to drink bubbly gargoyle saliva, and men are trying to cut down on unnecessary calories so they can eat more meat without consequence.

Dr. Pepper went back to his lab and created a low calorie, low sugar drink strong enough for a woman, but pH balanced for a man. He calls it Dr. Pepper TEN… and women aren’t allowed to drink it.

That is only the first ad of many. Luckily we were able to obtain more of the anti-woman Dr. Pepper TEN advertisements.

  • Andrea E.

    What the hell is this fuckery???

  • Justarandom

    This “fuckery” is pretty fake, and if someone takes what they read here at face value they need some sense slapped into them.

    Seriously, what serious advertisment will use the word sammich? >_>

    • Anonymous

      The “fuckery” in question is more likely to be the actions of Dr Pepper and the first picture on here dontchathink?

      Which, just in case you’re not even accepting that part, is an actual thing:

    • Andrea E.

      The first one is REAL. The other ones are not. I know the rest aren’t.

  • Laurinda Johnson

    Dr. Pepper Ten, the drink for men who don’t want to get laid…

  • Jean-François Martel

    so, are the people who came up with the original add 10 years old?

  • Fakeyfakey

    dr pepper tastes so nasty their ad should say “not for humans”

  • cthulhette

    well, milk thought sexist advertisement was a great idea, i guess DP is next.

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