Women laughing with salad

A meme costume is already better than your average costume, because when people recognize it you feel like you’re in a special club. And these costumes from the third annual NYC Hallowmeme party (sponsored by Slacktory, BuzzFeed, Forced Meme Productions and Epic Win for Anonymous) were especially impressive.

Titles link to the meme, pics link to the photo source.

From the Slacktory album:

Reddit aliens with upvote/downvote


Women laughing with salad


Nyan Cat and Slave Leia


Courtney Stodden x2


Crazy-Eyes Michele Bachmann


Why can’t I hold all these limes?



Honey badger don’t care!


Ninja Turtle nose


Asian Prince


From the Forced Meme Productions album:

They told me I could be anything/Clarinet Boy


Hipster Hitler


Chicks with Steve Buscemi eyes


The real Scumbag Steve (Blake Boston)


Hipster Ariel


From BuzzFeed’s album:

Lemon party


Hipster cop


Like my status


Business cats


Marcel the Shell (with pet fuzz)


And finally, Deal with it:


Oh also also also, check out Mr. GIF’s 3D animated Hallowmeme GIFs!

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