LOL WUT pear

I was reading Facebook and I realized that “wit” or “wid” (meaning “with”) is the worst chatspeak word — chatspeak being dat stupid kinda tlk wit every1 but mah frends seem 2 use on FB.

But Thought Catalog’s Stephanie Georgopulos tells me the worst chatspeak word is “dat”. You are saving one letter by writing in patois! Slacktory contributor Jason Newman hates GFY, which can mean “good for you” or “go fuck yourself”, which seems like a fatal ambiguity. The blog Hyperbole and a Half has made the case for (against) “alot”, but I’m not sure if a lazy misspelling counts.

Dr. Cole Stryker, who has a Ph.D. in 4chan, admits to using “thx”. “Thanks” is the worst possible word to abbreviate! It’s like researching a more efficient hug!

So tell me, what’s the worst chatspeak word? Is it one of those rebus words like B or 2? A lazy spelling? An abbreviation? Tell us what you hate most, and we’ll pit all the words against each other in a poll.

  • Sophia Anderson

    SMH. Took me like an entire year to figure out what it meant.

  • Rachel

    ROFL. I mean, LOL is at least sometimes literal. Has anyone ever literally ROFLed? If so, they certainly couldn’t type…

  • Saurabh Agrawal


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