Marc Norton Furniture ad

While the quirky Chuck Testa taxidermy ad will get everyone’s attention this week, it feels a little too slick, since it’s part of a series by comedians Rhett and Link who help small businesses make intentionally funny ads.

But in a Reddit thread about the ads, Stingray88 points out a far weirder series of ads for Cleveland’s Norton Furniture. I don’t know if Marc Norton is good at selling furniture, but he’s very good at shooting in front of a greenscreen and then not actually replacing the green with anything.

This is my favorite. The greenscreen, Marc’s delayed reaction, the lack of punchline, the pointlessness

This next one’s pretty normal!

Ha ha what?

This one’s about boobs and there’s a clown?

The next one actually has a relevant plot: Adam and Eve can’t get credit for furniture… because they live in a garden. I don’t understand that part but hey Marc is God or a monk!

This one’s about a guy who really wants to bang a chick. When people upload “BANNED FROM THE U.S.” commercials this is the sort of thing I wish they were posting.

Next, more greenscreen. Wouldn’t it have been really appropriate to put in a forest background?

“Traveler! Do you mean it?”

Here he shoots in front of a bluescreen, but they just add some shitty computer graphics on top of the background actors:

Dat lady’s reaction.

I’m starting to wonder about the other actors and whether they’re just like “oh well, a gig is a gig” and if hipsters try to land roles in these ads.

Marc is clearly the inspiration for Homestar Runner’s Senor Cardgage.

“Lemme hold your hand!” “No, your credit sucks.”

More along the “sex withheld due to poor credit” theme:

At least they used the greenscreen. But Marc obviously wanted to work with the very first take where he fucked up and groped the statue behind him.

The beach appears again here:

Look at that guy barely holding it together! This convinced me that Marc is a poor mentally disabled man and all these people are preying on him. He doesn’t even own a furniture store!

HAHAHA the end of this:

Let’s close with a thoughtful aphorism.

So those are the highlights, but you can watch more. There are 79 of these freaking things.

  • Anonymous
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  • Benny the Icepick

    An explanation for the second video: There was a disc jockey in Cleveland who ran a B-Movie Horror Show under the character “Ghoulardi.” He became an icon in local TV. Eager to tap into the legend for cash flow, there’s a guy on public access who attempts to pull off the character (but fails miserably), and that’s who you’re seeing jump out from under the couch. It’s an image immediately recognizable to anyone who grew up in Cleveland.

  • Anonymous

    Spot on about the hipsters. Spot on about him not really owning a furniture store.

    • Anonymous

      Spot on about commenting.

  • Office Furniture

    hahaha…very funny advertisement of furniture..i loved it!

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