Nick Offerman as Xzibit

What if memes were a movie, you guys? Who would play all the memes? Actors! Actors who look like the memes would play all the memes.


Aaron Paul as Scumbag Steve smoked your whole bowl, bitch:


Aziz Ansari as Yao Ming says it’s time to move on, Knope:


Dave Coulier as Reality Hits You Hard Bro describes a gruesome car crash to an Olsen twin:


Jason Statham as Good Guy Greg will let you have the first shot:


Gene Hackman as Chuck Testa had you convinced he was dying:


Jesse Eisenberg as Socially Awkward Penguin thought this was the dress code:


Breaking Bad‘s Anna Gunn as Redditor’s Wife saw you frantically tabbing away:


Andy Samberg as Trololo explains what was making that guy so happy:


Kyle Chandler as Lonely Computer Guy is proud to hear your last fumble is a YouTube hit:


Jonah Hill as Annoying Childhood Friend wants the last Miller High Life because he’s the guest:


Nick Offerman as Xzibit heard you like exes named Tammy:


Wallace Shawn as Futurama Fry is not sure if conceivable:


Cuba Gooding Jr. as Old Spice Guy performs a visor-child shoulder-catch:


Malcolm in the Middle‘s Erik Per Sullivan as Unhelpful High School Teacher says “To learn the spelling, look it up in the dictionary”:


Tony Hale as Y U NO asks God why he didn’t just take both hands:


Nic Cage as Raisins Face blew past “FFFFFUUUUU-” hours ago:


Fozzy Bear as Pedobear isn’t allowed on Sesame Street:

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