Gabe and Tycho from Penny Arcade

We found Justin Hall through his hand-drawn rage comics on Reddit. Now he’s drawing webcomics about webcomics for Slacktory. This is his second. (Read his first.)

If today’s comic offends you, please draw a picture of Justin where he’s super-ugly and gross and stupid.


  • Nougatti

    Oh, Randall. Your face is like that of angels!

  • iamnotachicken

    The characters from Penny Arcade, Gabe and Tycho, didn’t start off as signifying the creators – it developed after the fact. So it’s a little unfair to accuse them of making themselves look better when they weren’t intending to be representing themselves when they designed the characters. 

    • Anonymous

      That really is a good point that we brazenly chose to ignore.

      • Justin

        I thought we were a team, Nick

        • Anonymous

          We’re the Cubs.

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