Woman holding distended belly

You probably saw all of these videos of fat girls playing with their rolls of fat already, because they have hundreds of thousands of views, far dwarfing, say, this. So that’s cool, you really picked an interesting hobby I guess.

The caption for this one is:
“What a change for the better! She started out at 130 pounds, and at the end of this video shes 215. If anyone knows where to find NEW pictures of jeshicuh, let me know. I hear she’s STILL gaining and it would be great to see her pass the 300 mark!”

More Jeshicuh:

Another girl, Miku, chugs a bottle of Gatorade. There’s no sound on this, I’m pretty happy about that:

Another Miku video. The top comment: “holy shit i can hear your fat as fatass boyfriend mouthbreathing the whole time”

This next lady (PrincessPiggy420) is pretty much masturbating her abdomen. But what made me screech and flap my hands was the shouty part of the soundtrack, Enigma’s “Return to Innocence”. You know the part where the aboriginal Taiwanese guy yodels.

The next one is just a typical vid OH GOD I KNOW WHAT’S “TYPICAL” IN THIS GENRE, as the girl flops her belly a couple times with her hands. The second-top comment is “ok what is the purpose of this video,” but the top one is “Turnin me on.” The clip has over 200 thousand views.

Just more belly flops, y’all.

This girl is showing off how her shirt doesn’t fit, and 176,760 people have witnessed it:

The attention doesn’t seem to be negative. These videos have an extremely high like-to-dislike ratio.

There’s an occasional male. This next guy eats some french fries on camera. I can’t tell if everyone keeps their heads out of frame for privacy reasons, or just to make more room for the good stuff.

The next one is relatively action-packed. The lady “stuffing” — this is a word they like to use a lot — the lady stuffing herself carries on a little patter about how she hopes her baby (girlfriend? mistress, like in the sexytimes BDSM sense?) approves.

52 thousand views, 119 likes and just 5 dislikes. Top two comments both encourage the blond girl to also fatten up. But here she just eats a salad. :(

There are hundreds, maybe thousands of these videos. Just click through one of them above, and you’ll see an endless stream of related vids.

The emphasis seems to be on the belly (over, say, multiple chins), though there are some clinical full-body poses. There’s also a focus on the process of growing, and the feeding of the model, often put in terms where the model is the subject, kind of like a fattened cow.

Why are there so many of these, and how do they get so much attention? Like, I get the preference for BBWs over thin women. We all have different ideas of beauty, most of them equally silly, even the ones stemming from Darwinian fecundity signifiers.

But most of us just want to see our ideas of beauty fuck. We don’t want to watch it sit and heft itself. For example, I love tits, but if you showed me a two-minute video of a chick bouncing them aroOH. I SEE. CARRY ON.

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  • Fuckbutthead

    NO U

  • Helenwill

    They’re so hot.

  • BBW lover

    There is nothing surprising! Most of people do not want to watch thin and skinny girls. They have it enough. And these chubby ladies are so beautiful, they look like the REAL WOMEN with sexy female curves!

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