American Ska-thic

Destructoid’s Jim Sterling ranked it among the 30 “rubbish Pokémon” in Red and Blue and called it retarded-looking.

Slowpoke and Slowbro


David is probably best known by children as the sarcastic head elf Bernard from The Santa Clause (1994) and its 2002 sequel The Santa Clause 2: The Mrs Clause, but due to filming overlap with NUMB3RS was unable to take part in The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause.

David Krumholtz


The song was used to score the love-making scene from the movie Knocked Up when the characters Ben and Alison mate and end up reproducing.

Rock Lobster (via Cole Stryker)


Skills and abilities

Tarzan (section heading)


Soon after, Lionel starts feeling nauseous and throwing up, eventually doing so onto Segoynia Savaka (Joan Prather), one of his immigrant students.

Rabbit Test (film)


The painting is parodied on the cover of American Skathic, a 1995 collection of ska music from the Midwest with cover art by Evan Dorkin.

American Gothic


He also owned two bulldogs, named Bud and Lou, after the famous comedy team Abbott and Costello. Both dogs have died; one from a rattlesnake bite.

George Clooney


Spectators have traditionally shouted to the krewe members, “Throw me something, mister!”, a phrase that is iconic in New Orleans’ Mardi Gras street argot. Just as iconic is a request for women to expose their breasts as an incentive to receive the best throws.

Mardi Gras throws


West Coast rapper, Game, released a diss track ”Uncle Otis” where he criticized Kreayshawn for her supposed use of the n-word.


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