B political spectrum banner

This spring, a thread in 4chan’s /b/ board (NSFLife) asked /b/tards to fill out the Political Compass Quiz and share their results. I saved the ninety responses and compiled them into the scatterplot below. They took this surprisingly seriously.

While a few people show up in each quadrant, /b/ is overwhelmingly libertarian and liberal:

That’s five commies, nine fascists, seventeen pricks and fifty-eight hippies. Plus one benevolent dictator.

Maybe they’re all trolling each other. But the liberal-libertarian lean on this chart generally lines up with Anonymous’s actions outside /b/, including the protests of the secretive Church of Scientology, the attacks on Wikileaks’ government and corporate enemies, support of the Arab Spring and this week’s Occupy Wall Street sit-in.

Of course, their favorite word is still “niggerfaggot”.

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