Posts Published September 2011

  1. proof jesus owned a gun

    Searches I Made Up to Amuse Bloggers

    Listing the “funny search terms that brought people to my blog” is exquisitely boring, like recounting last night’s dreams or telling my dad about my accomplishments.

    But bloggers love to do it! Haters gonna hate! So I might as well make it a little more interesting for them. Here are some searches I made on Google Blog Search, clicking some results each time. I’m looking forward to my future Gmail ads.

    Let’s get retarded in here. »

  2. serious chart banner

    A.D.D. vs. A.D.H.D. Explained in One Infographic

    It’s really tough to differentiate between the two common childhood conditions of A.D.D. and A.D.H.D. And a correct diagnosis is crucial for children, parents and teachers. So I’ve made a helpful chart to clarify the issue.

    Let’s see! »

  3. LOL WUT pear

    What’s the Worst Chatspeak Word?

    I was reading Facebook and I realized that “wit” or “wid” (meaning “with”) is the worst chatspeak word — chatspeak being dat stupid kinda tlk wit every1 but mah frends seem 2 use on FB.

    But Thought Catalog’s Stephanie Georgopulos tells me the worst chatspeak word is “dat”. You are saving one letter by writing in patois! Slacktory contributor Jason Newman hates GFY, which can mean “good for you” or “go fuck yourself”, which seems like a fatal ambiguity. The blog Hyperbole and a Half has made the case for (against) “alot”, but I’m not sure if a lazy misspelling counts.

    So tell me, what’s the worst chatspeak word? »

  4. Us Go Home banner

    Apolitical College Students: An Advice Meme

    High unemployment rates and anti-austerity measures have radicalized many around the world to fight injustices by occupying the streets. This sort of demonstration was typical on college campuses in the 1960s.

    Today’s college students have little in common with their international contemporaries, or with the freedom fighters who lived on campus before them. They’re too busy updating their Facebook statuses while listening to wonky dubstep basslines and drinking stockpiled cases of outlawed Four Loko.

    Perhaps they don’t want to disappoint their parents, truly lack an ideology, or they don’t understand that protests for grassroots policy change can be more fun than frat parties. This seems like a generation of “Apolitical Millenial College Students.”

    See all 20 of their protest slogans. »

  5. Woman holding distended belly

    Fat Fetish Videos on YouTube

    You probably saw all of these videos of fat girls playing with their rolls of fat already, because they have hundreds of thousands of views, far dwarfing, say, this. So that’s cool, you really picked an interesting hobby I guess.

    Watch the fat fetish vids. Again. »

  6. Kindergartener-raising-hand

    Craigslist for Five-Year-Olds

    The kindergarten economy has really evolved since we were there. It’s a hell of a lot harder to trade up from a bunch of grapes to a Lunchable without a good credit rating. And of course everything is done online now.

    Read the kindergarten Craigslist ads. »

  7. when life gets tough

    Unspirationals: Beautiful Photos Captioned With Hard Truths

    Reality is harsh, and schmaltzy Tumblr pictures try to hide reality from you. It is time to counteract that.

    I took the prettiest pictures I could find, and stamped them with hard truths.

    Get your tissues. »

  8. the force shall be with you

    Movie Misquote Dad: A New Advice Meme

    You know dads, how they always quote the movie you just saw for the rest of the night. But they always get it a little wrong. It’s the “Don’t tase me, man!” effect.

    That’s the inspiration for this new advice meme I made up. And I’ve already seen someone do it wrong! Read these and then make your own Movie Misquote Dad.

    Say ‘What’ again! I dare you! I triple-dare you! »

  9. Gabe and Tycho from Penny Arcade

    The Webcomic Webcomic: How Artists Draw Themselves

    We found Justin Hall through his hand-drawn rage comics on Reddit. Now he’s drawing webcomics about webcomics for Slacktory. This is his second. (Read his first.)

    If today’s comic offends you, please draw a picture of Justin where he’s super-ugly and gross and stupid.

    Then put it in the comments. »

  10. Nick Offerman as Xzibit

    Memes, the Movie: Casting 17 Actors as Internet Memes

    What if memes were a movie, you guys? Who would play all the memes? Actors! Actors who look like the memes would play all the memes.

    Let’s see who plays whom! »

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