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Thanks for reading teenage me’s list of top 10 websites! But now I’m in college and I’m much more mature. I’m a serious thinker, and I spent a semester as a libertarian. I have a much more serious line-up of favorite sites.

  1. Boing Boing: This is a weblog or “blog” about all kinds of cool things. They kind of run the internet!
  2. A place I write about whuffie, the future reputation-based currency described in Cory Doctorow’s book Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom. It’s the money of the future, dudes.
  3. Metafilter: These guys inform me about everything: The impending Katrina hurricane, the upcoming hit Snakes on a Plane, and how I was really rude in that one thread.
  4. Discworld MUD: A text-based MMORPG that I play for hours at a time. I also found a way to have cybersex on it, playing a female character.
  5. The L-Space Web: A guide to the hidden jokes in Terry Pratchett’s Discworld series, which I’m super-excited to discover my RA likes too. That makes it kind of cool!
  6. Liquid Generation: Funny cartoons, limericks with dirty leprechauns and “screamer” videos to trick my friends.
  7. YTMND: I don’t visit 4chan yet. Instead I follow the intricate memes of You’re the Man Now Dog. Ha ha, they just posted a new joke GIF of Tom Cruise killing Oprah!
  8. Halfbakery: Some day someone’s gonna steal all the ideas from this forum and get rich. This is where people post “half baked” ideas, but most could really change the world.
  9. Gawker: New York media gossip! I don’t really understand who Anna Wintour is, but I wouldn’t want to be holding hot coffee when she gets mad!
  10. iFilm’s adult section: My Christian college’s porn blocker hasn’t discovered this spank bank yet. At the time, I feel pretty intellectual jerking it to scenes from real films instead of straight porn. Scarcity breeds connoisseurship.
  • Tahrey

    Ah man, halfbakery… I wish that had become a fully baked thing itself… I wonder if Kickstarter etc will be in the same place, in 7-8 years time or so?

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