Big Lebowski Coenfographic

Movie Geek Evolution by The Droid You're Looking For

Jason Oberholtzer, editor of I Love Charts, guest-posts:

Nerds love movies. Nerds love charts. Nerds love combining their loves (bacon unicorns, zombie narwhals). Thus, we get tons of charts about movies at I Love Charts. Here are ten of my favorites.

Take time to notice the attention to detail, specificity and minutiae. What other population would take the time to study and reproduce every pair of glasses worn by Woody Allen on film, to compare the great trilogies in cinematic history, or to wonder about the power dynamics of Morgan Freeman vis-à-vis himself? Who else would calculate the potential risks of light saber ownership or how Ikea would build a DeLorean?

And finally, who other than the nerds would be self-aware enough to plot their own progression towards full-blown movie geeks? Nerds, geeks, dweebs and other deminerds, I salute you.

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Woody Allen's Glasses by Brandon Schaefer


Back to the Future by Jamie Bolton


Trilogy Meter by Dan Meth


Dawn of the Dead by Brickhut


Light Saber Reality by Jay Ferris, Genius Pending


DeLorean Ikea Instructions by CollegeHumor


Coenfographic by Muller


Michael Cera Flowchart by The High Definite


Morgan Freeman Chain of Command by Jesse Thompson and Brenan Sharp, Maxim


Movie Geek Evolution by The Droid You're Looking For

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