ipad-underwater marked

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that Apple added a third Taiwanese touchscreen supplier in April. (We broke that huge story, and those douchebags at Gizmodo ripped us off without linking back!) Anyhoo, reader johngalt94 tipped us off to a major difference between the new Innolux screens and the older ones made by LG and Samsung. While they look and feel the same under normal conditions, the Innolux screens are clearly different when viewed underwater.

I tested this myself, using two of the four iPad 2’s I keep in my studio apartment. We don’t have a swimming pool and it’s 235 miles to the beach, so I filled the bathtub with water (johngalt94 says it needs to be 21 degrees Celsius or cooler.) Right before the iPad short-circuits, you can clearly see a difference between the old screens and the new ones. The Innolux screen goes blank, rather than zapping out with a series of vertical lines like the LG display. Huge pile of awesome!

As usual, Apple failed to announce the change, or to respond to our tweet requesting an official comment. But I’ve already put my other two iPads on eBay and will be upgrading to new ones as soon as I can. I might wait, though, because we just got another tip that Toshiba has changed the font size on the numbers stamped on their memory chips. You heard it here first!

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