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Obviously we had much more fun posting the 25 Twitter employees with the fewest followers. But they proved about as attention-getting for us as they are for themselves. Apparently all the internet wants is more lists of the most popular people.

To post such a dull, non-ironic “top 25″ list of the most-followed Twitter employees would mean sacrificing our principles and ignoring the tastes of our more loyal readers.

It would also mean lots of traffic.

Please enjoy the following list of the 25 most influential Twitter employees on Twitter!


25. Patrick Ewing
Role: Tech lead of Web Client team
Followers: 53,607
Most popular tweet: Everybody thinks “The Social Network” is the best movie about forming a new startup, but they are wrong. The best movie is “Ghostbusters”.


24. Yoshimasa Niwa
Role: Mobile Software Engineer
Followers: 92,320
Most popular tweet (translated from Japanese): Featured companies worked diligently to emphasize that the school – all 0 companies:


23. Nick Kallen
Role: Systems engineering, scaling. Also an under-appreciated wit.
Followers: 93,677
Most popular tweet:The Tweets must flow.


22. Laura I. Gómez
Role: Manager, Internationalization/Localization, Support
Followers: 159,387
Most popular tweet: nuevo comercial de @pepsi con @sofiavergara twitteando:


21. Doug Bowman
Role: Creative Director
Followers: 193,700
Most popular tweet: If you’re on a Mac and on 10.6, System Prefs > Appearance > uncheck “Use LCD font smoothing”. Restart. Rejoice that type is bloated no more.


20. Kevin Thau
Role: VP, Business and Corporate Development
Followers: 199,353
Most popular tweet: This is how you tell a story on TV today.


19. Mark Trammell
Role: Design Researcher
Followers: 206,411
Most popular tweet: Sat next to a girl on the subway who gave me the “uh oh, it’s a homeless guy” look until she saw my iPhone. Thanks, Steve Jobs!


18. Chloe Sladden
Role: Content & Programming
Followers: 208,728
Most popular tweet: Reminder! We have awesome open roles on Twitter’s Content & Programming team!


17. Alex McCauley
Role: Business Operations Manager
Followers: 221,943
Most popular tweet: This is not happening. Snoop and crew are smoking a blunt, playing his unreleased album is my offices dj booth!


16. Abdur Chowdhury
Role: Chief Scientist
Followers: 252,188
Most popular tweet: Great list of Twitter research papers from @zephoria


15. Robin Sloan
Role: Manager of Media Partnerships
Followers: 254,907
Most popular tweet: Every day, movies expire from @Netflix Watch Instantly. Sooo I used their API to make an account that warns you ahead of time: @queuenoodle


14. Ryan King
Role: Systems Engineer
Followers: 267,834
Most popular tweet: The greatest minuature golf shot of all time:


13. Andy Lorek
Role: Growth Team Technical Lead
Followers: 268,418
Most popular tweet: Cheaters never prosper #URU. Except in the stock market. And government. And blackjack. Also, baseball. Patent law. Tour de France…


12. Ryan Sarver
Role: Platform Team
Followers: 279,630
Most popular tweet: An awesome Chrome extension that adds 165 new embeds into #newtwitter – Embedly Labs


11. John Kalucki
Role: Engineering Lead/Manager, Content
Followers: 279,738
Most popular tweet: Twitter User Streams preview doc: Go build something great!


10. Jenna Sampson
Role: Communications Associate
Followers: 308,316
Most popular tweet: I don’t have co-workers, I have co-producers of a little ingredient in life I like to call AWESOME. cc/ @briggles @trammell @jbuckhouse


9. Doug Williams
Role: Business Development
Followers: 320,118
Most popular tweet: Match, Opentable, and Groupon should all be watching GrubwIthus.


8. Del Harvey
Role: Director of Trust & Safety
Followers: 320,664
Most popular tweet: If you notice unexpected Tweets by your account, reset your password & check OAuth connections. More info:


7. Claire Diaz Ortiz
Role: Social Innovation, Philanthropy, Cause Marketing Lead
Followers: 324,309
Most popular tweet: How to Excel on Twitter as a Non-Profit — *Illustrated* (!)


6. Cheryl Palarca
Role: Human Resources Manager
Followers: 325,511
Most popular tweet: So happy to see @yukarim in the office today…she knows the key to my <3 #greenteamochi


5. Jessica Verrilli
Role: Business and Corporate Development, UK
Followers: 377,082
Most popular tweet: Hearing the actual voice of someone in #Egypt profoundly humanizes the stories of protests thousands of miles away:


4. Dick Costolo
Role: CEO
Followers: 929,026
Most popular tweet: Dear Chinese Government, year-long detentions for sending a sarcastic tweet are neither the way forward nor the future of your great people.


3. Evan Williams
Role: Co-Founder
Followers: 1,384,377
Most popular tweet: Good design used to make you stand out on the web. Now it’s the price of entry.


2. Jack Dorsey
Role: Creator, Co-Founder, Executive Chairman
Followers: 1,717,443
Most popular tweet: just setting up my twttr


1. Biz Stone
Role: Co-Founder
Followers: 1,762,832
Most popular tweet: Mr. Gladwell, I totally dig your hair but I respectfully disagree with your denigration of social media

What should we sort the Twitter employees by next? Shortest usernames? Most tweets? Best avatars? Tell us in the comments.



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