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While Twitter lists all of its employees on one page, it only links to their Twitter accounts. If you want a more thorough roster, you have to dig up any details the employees haven’t bothered putting in their profiles.

So we did! And we’ll be releasing that info throughout the next few days in various formats.

First off, here are the 25 least-followed accounts of Twitter employees — including one VP.

25. Chapin Hansen
Role: Account executive
Tweets: 130
Followers: 81
Sample tweet: “You know you’re a tech nerd when… everyone is staring @jessewilliams in the #twitter cafeteria and I’m staring at @ronconway!”


24. Julie Jalalpour
Role: Support, CRM project manager
Tweets: 13
Followers: 70
Sample tweet: “Argh, dull headache persisting despite ibuprofen intake.”


23. Manu
Role: Unknown
Tweets: 17
Followers: 69
Sample tweet: “My very first tweet… am now heading for job interview at twitter….:):)”


22. Frank Ruiz
Role: Hardware engineer
Tweets: 17
Followers: 63
Sample tweet: “Just had a random thought, I wonder if those people who got barbwire tattoos 20 yrs ago regret it now? No clue why this popped in my head…”


21. Kostas Tsioutsiouliklis
Role: Software engineer, Relevance
Tweets: 11
Followers: 55
Sample tweet: “almost went for basketball today. opted for lunch instead.”


20. Kurt Thomas
Role: Intern, spam prevention
Tweets: Protected
Followers: 48


19. Nirmam
Role: Software engineer, Release
Tweets: Protected
Followers: 45


18. Steve D.
Role: Unknown
Tweets: Protected
Followers: 44


17. Aleks Obutkov
Role: Data Center Tech
Tweets: 128
Followers: 43
Sample tweet: “@olgashelest ну а кому ща легко то! В России больше праздников полюбому”


16. Ben Brennan
Role: IT analyst
Tweets: 30
Followers: 42
Sample tweet: “#relationshipsendbecause guy buys the entire bar shots on his wife’s card. Called him a dumbass & left with the dog. Just happened. Cute dog”


15. Carrie Courtois
Role: Executive assistant
Tweets: Protected
Followers: 42


14. Alek Kołcz
Role: Software engineer, R&D: applications of Machine Learning and Text/Data Mining
Tweets: Protected
Followers: 29


13. Leslie Carr
Role: Network engineer
Tweets: 2
Followers: 28
Sample tweet: “With all these new people following me I should say something interesting. Hello World!”


12. Nathaniel Stahl
Role: OS/kernel engineer
Tweets: 24
Followers: 28
Sample tweet: “Once more, the identical size, shape, and coloration of the dog and people shampoo in my bathroom has led to an unfortunate accident.”


11. Meera Holla
Role: “Content wrangler”
Tweets: Protected
Followers: 27


10. Chuck Sumner
Tweets: 29
Followers: 24
Sample tweet: “turns out the Internet on a plane is just as boring.”


9. Rachel Yin
Role: Unknown
Tweets: Protected
Followers: 23


8. Natasha Melwani
Role: Unknown (Finance?)
Tweets: Protected
Followers: 18


7. Luca Baratta
Role: VP of Finance
Tweets: 0
Followers: 16


6. Gordon Lee
Role: Unknown
Tweets: Protected
Followers: 8


5. Marcus Phillips
Role: Software engineer
Tweets: 2
Followers: 5
Sample tweet: “sdf”


4. Babak Hamadani
Role: Engineer
Tweets: 0
Followers: 5


3. Weakgingers
Role: Unknown
Tweets: 0
Followers: 4


2. Andy Reitz
Role: Release engineer
Tweets: 0
Followers: 1


1. Scott Wong
Role: Manager, Hardware Engineering and Supplier Management
Tweets: Protected
Followers: 1

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