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  1. Girls dancing to I Had Safe Sex

    “I Had Safe Sex”: A College Lonely Island Parody

    Years later, when facing a Tea Party insurgent in her primary election, Astrid would not regret this video for its content, or even for the votes it lost her — the Republican base had moved on enough to accept a sex-positive candidate. What she regretted was corpsing at 0:48 and ruining the shot while the other girls held their poses like pros.

    Watch ‘I Had Safe Sex’ »

  2. Pay It Forward refresh banner

    The Criterion Collection, Designed by Your Mom

    The Criterion Collection is one of the few bright, shining examples of good design in pop culture. That little “C” on the top left corner of the covers means movie aficionados are in for a classy experience, the whole package a tasteful tribute to a fine film.

    But imagine, if you will, an alternate reality in which the Criterion Collection selections were picked and designed by your mom after she stumbled across an old version of Photoshop Elements and took a summer semester graphic design course at the local community college.

    What might that look like? »

  3. Handful of bees

    Handful of Bees

    Watch a man hold a giant handful of bees for sixteen minutes.

    Beekeeper Brendhan J. Horne linked to this little-viewed video in a Reddit thread about a bee infestation.

    Brendhan is definitely the villain in the new Spider-Man.

    That kid from ‘My Girl’ is like ‘fuck everything about this’ »

  4. Virtual Planking

    Virtual Planking: Video Games Go Face Down

    My editor asked me if I could find examples of planking in video games. He figured there would be MILLIONS of examples. Since he is my boss, I am going to say that his estimation was verrrrry close.

    In reality, after scouring several internets, I have discovered that there are 12 examples. Also, they aren’t very interesting or funny. But the thing is, when life hands me lemons, I take them to a nursing home and throw them at the elderly… because it brings me joy.

    Lemons ready. Target acquired… »

  5. Muscle arm bird

    The 25 Most Influential Twitter Employees

    Obviously we had much more fun posting the 25 Twitter employees with the fewest followers. But they proved about as attention-getting for us as they are for themselves. Apparently all the internet wants is more lists of the most popular people.

    To post such a dull, non-ironic “top 25″ list of the most-followed Twitter employees would mean sacrificing our principles and ignoring the tastes of our more loyal readers.

    It would also mean lots of traffic.

    Please enjoy the following list of the 25 most influential Twitter employees on Twitter!

    Tweet-spammer’s paradise! »

  6. Groucho in an empty theater

    My Six Best Twitter Games That No One Played

    Twitter hashtag games are the global pastime of the digital age. We’ve all taken the time to “replace band names with pancakes” or contributed clever suggestions to “jobs Drake had before becoming a rapper.” But that American strain of rugged individualism runs deep through my veins and I’ve decided that I’m sick of playing their games! I’m going to start my own.

    This first game requires the linguistic mash-up of two disparate ideas. I thought it might be fun to create something not seen since Limp Bizkit and Linkin Park employed deejays to scratch records while they scream-rapped. If scratch DJs joined indie bands they would be “Indie Rock Turntablists.”

    I think I started it off really well. »

  7. hurr-icane

    Hurr-icane Irene

    You’re welcome.

  8. think different banner

    Retired Steve Jobs: The Advice Meme

    Best wishes (and joke tweets) to Steve Jobs in his new retirement from Apple’s CEO spot. We made him some macros.

    Life’s looking pretty relaxed. »

  9. Maroon 5

    I Decided to Start a Rap Parody Band Called Maroon 5000

    We asked Mark Baumer for a thousand words on Steve Jobs’ impact on American culture and the relevance of a Jobs-less Apple Inc. He gave us this.

    Everyone who has ever been depressed, bored, unemployed, or out to eat for breakfast should make a rap parody song called “Maroon 5000.”

    Only people who think they are funnier than they actually are (which includes the whole world) have permission to make a rap parody song called “Maroon 5000.”

    It also seems logical that only persons who have never listened to rap music or a single Maroon 5 song be allowed to make a rap parody song called “Maroon 5000.”

    It doesn’t get any clearer. »

  10. Meatloaf

    It’s Getting Harder to Leave Auto-Response E-mails


    Hi Joe,

    Just wondering when you wanted to try and get together again. I sure had fun the last time we hung out! “Looks like he ordered the meatloaf too” haha. Anyway, hit me up when you get a chance.




    I will be out of the office on vacation until August 18 and will not have access to e-mail. I will do my best to respond as soon as I return.


    Four years later… »

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