Hi! Wow! Hello! We just launched this blog! We’re pretty excited about that!

This is Slacktory, and it’s about the pop culture of the internet. It’s published by My Damn Channel. It’s edited by me, Nick Douglas. We have an About page.

What’s gonna show up here? Parodies, videos, the sarcastic sorts of charts where you go “Oh you!” and the chart goes “Better re-read me, you might have missed a joke!” In fact we have one of those charts up already: The United States of Netflix.

We have one famous columnist. It’s Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. He’s not real, but I like him anyway.

Sometimes, we post something that doesn’t really have anything to do with anything. We’ll probably grow out of it, but until then, maybe read Tom Waits ordering a meal at Jack in the Box, or try Mark Baumer, a writer we assign stories to just to see what he writes instead.

Those “Slacktacular Links” on the right are like normal blog posts, just with much less going on. So look for new ones often.

And of course follow us on Twitter and Tumblr and friend us on Facebook and subscribe to our RSS and keep reloading and we’ll be together forever and ever and ever.

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