Tim Hutchins

‘Cause I just found out about him! Tim Hutchins (played by Andre Hyland) was an obnoxious guy talking on his cell phone in public, on Fuel TV’s sketch show Stupidface from 2007 to 2009.

Yes! Nostalgia for four years ago! Someone mentions El Niño!

God, he’s so cringey he makes me embarrassed to have ever used “you know the drill” on my voicemail.

In the park:


At the beach:


In the car:


Waiting for a blind date:


At the library:


In line for a movie:


Hunting for recycling:




At McDonald’s:


Arguing with his mobile provider:


At an audition:


Lost in a parking lot:


It’s bizarre how many tech habits went from bizarre and obnoxious in 2007 to normal today. “I met her on an online dating profile.”

Via: Drew Chinesefood

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