Cut the Rope comic

Application developer ZeptoLab has partnered with Ape Entertainment to produce a digital comic book and graphic novel series based on Om Nom, the voracious candy-eating creature featured throughout the game.

Mashable, “Exclusive: ‘Cut the Rope’ Licenses Comic Book Series”


A boy, eleven, is tied up in the corner with crudely knotted rope. Around him are piles of discarded packaging: potato chip bags, candy bar wrappers, juice boxes. He is bloodied but defiant.

FROM OFF-PANEL: How do you like your concrete box?

BOY: You’re a monster.

A shadowy green mass lurks in the darkness: Om Nom.

OM NOM: Aren’t we all? Some of us feed incessantly. Some of us taunt others with dangled treats, only to smash them into spikes or drop them out of frame.

BOY: I said I was sorry!

OM NOM: All those wasted candies. Do you think maybe they cried out too, that they would never find their purpose? Their purpose of nourishing me, the pinnacle of evolution?

BOY: When my parents get home, you’re gonna be in trouble!

OM NOM: Oh little boy. You still think they’re on your side. You don’t know the bargain I made with them.

BOY: You’re lying!

Close-up on the boy’s fingers behind his back, fiddling with the rope.

OM NOM: Now. Time for my ultimate snack.


The boy leaps free of his bounds and flings himself at Om Nom. He tips the gorged creature onto its back.

BOY: Time for your final snack!

The boy grabs handfuls of wrappers and shoves them into the monster’s mouth. It struggles and chokes, thick saliva billowing from its throat, in agony as the boy suffocates it with the garbage.

Om Nom goes limp. The beast is dead.

BOY: You forgot one little thing: I can always cut the rope.

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