It’s a pretty good day to confuse old people with the internet. Earlier the internet turned squatting into a fad, and now they raised $10,000 for charity by making 90s pop band Smash Mouth eat two dozen eggs.

It started as a joke on Something Awful, one of the older, more stately stupid-humor forums. Writer Jon Hendren (aka Johnny “DocEvil” Titanium) offered $20 to Smash Mouth bandleader Steve Harwell to “Please, eat the eggs. Eat the eggs all up.” SA readers matched Harwell’s offer on Twitter. Harwell said he’d do it if people raised $10,000 for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. And today they met that goal. (DISCLOSURE: I chipped in $5.)


  • Harwell wants guy Fieri to cook the eggs.
  • Harwell: “I’m also a big reality TV fan and I love all the food shows especially ‘Man vs. Food’ so this intrigued me in that way also.”
  • On the official Causes page: “Positions: Smash Mouth should eat 24 eggs for the kids.”
  • Jon Hendren’s Twitter account that saved the children: @fart.
  • Smash Mouth’s Wikipedia page: “Years active: 1994-present.”
  • Respect now given by @fart to Steve Harwell: None.

Photo by BluesyGuy on TwitPic

  • Lacy

    The opening line to this article is perfect.

  • butter

    Mr. Mouth still has not eaten the eggs.

    Eat the eggs Smash Mouth.

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