Aye ladies, iss me, Guido Jesus. No disrespeck or nothin’ but, do you assept me as your savior? Let he who has eyes, see. Yeah, see dese sweet pecs!

I would like very much for you to meet my mother. She is a saint!

I am a new Reddit advice meme, invented Monday.

Guido Jesus: Bears a cross. Good for triceps.

By SmellinBenj on Reddit


Guido Jesus: Fishes and bread? More like bitches and head.

By aragnei on Reddit


Guido Jesus: Turns the other cheek, to make sure tan is even

By billisdog on Reddit


Guido Jesus: Man cannot live on bread alone. You need protein power.

"Guido Jesus knows the whey." By novalidnameremains on Reddit


Go see more at Quickmeme or Reddit. And here’s a couple by Slacktory:

Guido Jesus: Blessed are those who meet me at the club


Guido Jesus: Render unto Caesar what is Caesar's, render unto me dat ass.

Top pics by anniper and theprivatepress on Reddit

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