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Business journalism is rough, because there are only five business stories: X allies with Y, X disagrees with Y, X has a new product, X has a problem with a new product, and Rebecca Black. So you’ve really only got so much room for headlines.

Still, can’t we demand a touch more creativity than this?

Netflix Chief Friends Facebook

Wall Street Journal

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings Friends Facebook Board Of Directors

Deadline New York

Iconic computer game ‘Civilization’ friends Facebook as ‘Civ World’

Washington Post

Microsoft’s M&A Strategy Friends Facebook

Wall Street Journal

American Express Friends Facebook, Checks In With Foursquare: Does Your Social Graph Have Good Credit?

Fast Company

Yahoo Messenger 11 smiley friends Facebook

International Business Times

Sideshow: Box office friends Facebook

Philadelphia Inquirer

Bing Friends Facebook


RockMelt Friends Facebook


Bush friends Facebook, takes Q&A from Zuckerberg

Washington Post

Vodafone friends Facebook


Amazon friends Facebook to offer gift ideas


AmEx Friends Facebook Ads


Army friends Facebook, Twitter, Flickr

Business Journal

Schumer unfriends Facebook’s info sharing

Adirondack Daily Enterprise

Greenpeace De-friends Facebook

Fox News

Microsoft friends Facebook in their battle with Google

SF Chronicle

NBC Friends Facebook to Hype 'Community'

The Wrap

AOL 'Friends' Facebook


Zynga and Facebook’s Relationship Disclosed: It’s Complicated.

All Things D

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