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Casey Anthony was acquitted of all major crimes surrounding the death of her daughter Caylee, but many Americans are unhappy about the verdict. In 1992 LA rioted after officers were acquitted for beating Rodney King, but its unlikely that this will occur today because Americans concerned with this case are too busy watching Nancy Grace to turn over police cars and loot stores in their neighborhoods. Luckily they can lodge their discontent from the comfort of their sofas.

More than 770,000 people have liked the Facebook page “Fuck Casey Anthony” over the course of the trial. There are hundreds of pages dedicated to the nuances of hating Casey Anthony. Pages pointing out her “bacne”, obsessing over hitting her in the face with a metal pole, or simply calling her a Slut Extraordinaire (French for “extraordinary slut”). One Facebook page calls Casey Anthony Public Enemy #1. I’m sure that elusive al-Qaeda terrorist Aiman al-Zawahiri is a little embarrassed that he’s been pushed down a notch by the “tot mom.” The fair-minded people at Casey Anthony is a dumb bitch did not think the sentencing was harsh enough so they took to their polls.

Casey Anthony punishment poll

I’m not sure where Casey Anthony expects to go after her trial, but several official looking Facebook fan pages have said “Casey Anthony is not welcome here!” She has been banned from Puerto RicoKentucky, and Europe (though it is unclear if this includes Russia’s Baltic territory). If she is exiled from nearly everywhere in the West, where will she be able to take refuge? Perhaps Zimbabwe’s Robert Mugabe will offer her the same asylum package he offered Muammar Gaddafi.

Still, over 5,000 people have joined the Support Casey Anthony fan page. They are sympathetic to her because “she looks so sad in this picture” and “she looks so pretty in THIS picture.” The administrators on this page have posted a disclaimer saying they’ll take down any “unsupportive content.” On this page I found a piece of evidence that was probably paramount to the defense’s case, or the weirdest fan fiction I’ve ever read.

Roy Kronk saying he killed Caylee


Sometimes writing an R&B slow jam in the voice of a slain two-year-old is the only way to truly express your emotions about this case.

“There’s a place called heaven and someone named God, but if I could have another day on earth and I could read or write, I would tell you it was her.”


Some imagery in other Caylee Anthony artwork depicts the child as an angel in heaven, and her mother as the devil in hell.

Casey Anthony as the devil


This is a picture of Caylee Anthony hugging Jesus taken by God’s hipstamatic app.

Jesus hugs Caylee


This (joke) image features Caylee Anthony, the “Saigon Execution,” NY Firefighters, and the Hindenburg destroying the Twin Towers.

Caylee and 9-11


This story will continue to linger in the media, distracting us from real concerns like our country’s crippling debt, diminishing of social security benefits, and the results of America’s Got Talent. Whether or not you truly believe thatCasey Anthony is guilty or not, we can all agree that this this image macro is pretty funny.

Casey Anthony and OJ: 'Hide yo kids, hide yo wife'


Update: 9/11 pic fixed. We thought he was kidding. — Ed.

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