10 hour videos

UPDATE: The challenge is now over. Two amazing gentlemen have completed it. Here’s their video and their live reactions.

Two months ago, YouTube extended the maximum video length to ten hours. While this is great for feature filmmakers, the obvious trick is to take a normal popular YouTube video and loop it for ten hours.

Which YouTuber TehN1ppe immediately did to 60 videos. He’s been banned from making more until he deals with a copyright-issue takedown, but the remaining 59 videos have earned about three million views. (A view is reportedly registered after about thirty seconds of play.)

And if you record yourself watching one in its entirety, we’ll pay you $100.

  1. Pick any ten-hour video by TehN1ppe.
  2. Record yourself watching it all the way through. Sound must be on, you and the video must be present in-shot, and any discovered trickery disqualifies you.
  3. Send us the video.
  4. Collect $$$.

Good luck, and God have mercy on your soul. I don’t suggest the following example.

Via: Blame It on the Voices

  • Candice

    Potential lunatics want to know… what counts as ‘trickery’. Can we take bathroom breaks? Does it have to be full screen? Do I have to ‘actively’ pay attention, or can I type in another window about how much I’m hating my life while doing something completely batshit? How much multitasking is allowed? And is this a ‘whoever does it first’ kind of thing, because man, this would be a really shitty thing to do and find out that someone else had already won, or (‘won’)… (Though, I mean, *how many* people could possibly complete this…)

    Because I do have a camera that should be able to record for that long… And no life. And questionable sanity levels. But not questionable enough to do this without more specifics. Though, to an extent, I would allllmost do it for shits & giggles. So. No. Actually just pretty questionable sanity.

    • Anonymous

      Okay, so!

      Bathroom breaks are allowed within reason. You can be offscreen for those. Breaks for loading a new storage card, etc.

      The video must be visible for the whole ten hours (an occasional obscuration is fine). This is mostly to make it harder to cheat by dubbing in the sound. It doesn’t have to be fullscreen.

      You can do whatever you want, as long as it’s clear you (and we) can hear the sound the whole time, and you can play other sound, but it can’t be as loud as the 10-hour video.

      Tweeting, streaming, talking to the camera on how this ordeal makes you feel, are all highly encouraged.

      This is first-come, based on who tells us they’ve started. Once you tell us you’ve started and we confirm to you, you’ve locked in that $100 as long as you finish with proof.

      So which video do you think you’ll pick?

      • Candice

        Well, I’m set up to do this any minute now, potentially… Nothing else I need to do today. All I need to do is choose get the go-ahead and press record… I believe I have selected ten hours of dancing badgers.

        • Candice

          Actually, here’s what I’m doing. I’m going to see if my computer will even manage this without blowing up (without paying attention to it and having to stab myself in the eyes with a fork), and if no one has started tomorrow morning, away I go. Because my husband won’t be around, and he has a fragile mind. Hah.

          • Anonymous

            So! Gonna do it?

          • Conner

            So i wanna do this, and i got a day coming up, ill do epic sax man, can i paint a miniature while doing so, as long as its at desk with video in view and everything?

          • Anonymous

            Hi! Actually, someone’s recently done the challenge, and we’re putting up the video next week. So I’m sorry, this is now closed! I’ll edit the post to say so.

  • Anonymous

    I’m wondering the same thing as Candice. I’m thinking about actually doing it, if not for the money, for the lulz. Would it be okay to record the whole thing with a webcam to, for instance, bambuser? Then anybody who wanted could also watch me during the torture. I think I’ll go with Nyan Cat.

    • Candice

      Haha. Yes, this. I was thinking… record whole thing to camcorder (because I don’t trust my computer to record for anywhere near that long without blowing up), but also turn on webcam and stream and live-Tweet the whole thing. Just in case anyone else likes torturing themselves…

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  • Grillobasquian3

    I’m going to CHEAT! I’ll loop a greenscreen vid of myself and then put in on top of the 10 hour video video!!! mwahahaha easy $$$   XD

  • luklesin where you can find countless 10 hours long videos you can watch

  • Rebekah

    The challenge is over right?

  • PumaB
  • Seiken3

    I was told this was going to be edited to be closed. Looks to me it’s still open! …is it?

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