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  1. Alyssa Kramer

    Follow Friday: Kramediggles

    Kramediggles is Alyssa Kramer, who is utterly ungoogleable. Her sense of humor is ironically nutty. The picture above is her Twitter avatar.

    These kinds of caricature humorists freak me out, because you can never tell if behind the character they’re just normal friendly people or if they’re actual flakes who just use it well.

    FYI your boss can still see that you’re late even if you’re wearing sunglassesless than a minute ago via web Favorite Retweet Reply

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  2. Grid Game

    Grid Game: Your Hangover Toy

    Grid Game is my favorite game today, because you only need to click once to play a round, and it just scores points and points and points and you feel really accomplished and can somebody get me some milk or bread or something.

  3. Go Write for Longshot Magazine! Now! Seriously, You Only Have 24 Hours

    Longshot Magazine just announced the theme for their second issue: Debt. Each issue of the Kickstarter-funded magazine (formerly known as 48 Hour), is written, edited and laid out in two days. So you have until 3pm Saturday to submit a piece.

  4. ffffffuuuuu-lion

    The OS X Lion Alphabet: Which Keys Repeat and Which Don’t (And How to Fix It)

    One of the more arcane changes in Lion, the newest version of Mac OS X, is that certain keys don’t repeat if you hold them down. The ones that do repeat are the keys that also have diacritics, like ñ or ø. In some apps like Safari or TextEdit, holding one of those characters brings up a menu of diacritical options. Cool! But it doesn’t work yet in Chrome.

    See the key repeat alphabet and learn how to turn this off. »

  5. Elixer of Reminding: This Dude Will Blow Your Mind, Dude

    This is what is becoming in the world: the acceptance, only, of lived experience. I did not hear it if it did not scrobble, I did not see it if it’s not on Flickr, I did not say it if it is unpublished. Without Foursquare, I am not even there.

    — James Bridle, An Elixer of Reminding

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  6. Blog War map

    The Great Blog Commenter War

    This is a tale of war. We recommend you play the Braveheart theme in the background. — Ed.

    What really happened on that fateful day? It all started with an A.V. Club staff editorial. The subject was whether comic book movies had “jumped the shark,” and much like the metaphorical saltwater beasts in question, those who gathered to read this document were eccentric yet civil when unprovoked. A spirited discussion sprang up to determine which comic book adaptation was the worst of all time. Had those involved known what the answer would cost, however, the speculation might have ended then and there.

    Gardenhoes, a well-regarded member of the community, addressed the growing crowd, pleading a case for The Green Lantern. Meanwhile, Superman IV, a “truly horrendous piece of garbage”, was also gaining traction, owing to the consensus-building efforts of King Tardis Touch. Such sporty back-and-forth was common among the people of A.V. Club, and all parties were reportedly of good cheer. Eventually the Green Lantern splinter group was silenced, and it seemed as though an agreement had been reached. Unfortunately, nothing was what it seemed that day, for at that very moment, the group was greeted by an unexpected visitor.

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  7. peanut butter jelly time

    Hey You Guys Hey You Guys Do You Remember This






  8. Today Is Hungover After Winning a Lot of Money at Poker Day

    You know that thing where you get utterly drunk and you read some internet and every little thing makes you go


    What happens if you do that and you’re still drunk the next morning and you edit a site where you post all the things you like on the internet?



  9. Tim Hutchins

    Hey, Remember Tim Hutchins on Fuel TV’s Stupidface?

    ‘Cause I just found out about him! Tim Hutchins (played by Andre Hyland) was an obnoxious guy talking on his cell phone in public, on Fuel TV’s sketch show Stupidface from 2007 to 2009.

    Yes! Nostalgia for four years ago! Someone mentions El Niño!

    God, he’s so cringey he makes me embarrassed to have ever used “you know the drill” on my voicemail.

    Watch the sketches. »

  10. Jim Meskimen

    Holy Hell, This Guy Sounds Exactly Like Everybody

    Actor Jim Meskimen delivers a speech from Shakespeare’s Richard III in 24 celebrity voices and it’s breathtaking. I am gasp-choking. Highlights that you don’t really see in most “100 impressions” videos: Ricky Gervais, George Clooney, Garrison Keillor (holy shiiiiiiit) and Morgan Freeman.

    You may recognize Meskimen from his voice work in all of the video games and all of the cartoons.

    Oh boy voices! Let’s hear ‘em! »

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