1. If your Sims had to speak English, what would they say? Things like “I’m just living off the money everyone gets when they start existing.” Listen to Mortimer Goth and Bob Newbie reignite a friendship—and then ignite each other.

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  2. I knew Tom Oatmeal’s Slacktory story “I’m Not a Hacker” was genius. Director Andrew Stegmeyer agreed—and added his own genius. After playing in three festivals, here for the first time online, is “I’m Not a Hacker”—the short film.

  3. Nick Douglas pitches an erotic reboot to the classic TV franchise, The Twilight Zone.

  4. Not only do I fail to recap the series, I don’t even keep it to two minutes.

  5. Please feel free to use these in your next movie.

  6. This girl has nothing to say and all the words to say it.

  7. In the newest episode of Tough Love, Blaire and her new girlfriend make out around the apartment so much that Steven can’t even make breakfast.

  8. Nick Douglas gives you a guide to a whole new Manhattan.

  9. You’ve definitely never heard of these video games before.

    Written by Nick Douglas and Henry Birdseye.

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